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Why does God allow suffering?

Dadashri: Everything in this world runs exactly and precisely; this is no lie. The world is kept in regulation, by natural laws.

While approaching a bus stop, the bus driver loses control of the bus and runs over a lady who is waiting for the bus. The lady is killed instantly. A crowd gathers and people start  shouting and blaming the bus driver. They say the woman died through no fault of her own. Some angry people say the driver should be locked up for his reckless driving. They do not realize that the woman died because the fault was her own from her previous life, which today has caught up with her and that is why she has been punished. The driver will be punished when his fault catches up with him. For him there will be a court hearing in which he may or may not be proven guilty. No one can hurt anyone without a past account. The lady has settled her past account. You should understand that the lady suffered and so the fault was hers. When the driver is caught, it will be his fault. Today the one who is caught is at fault.

Some people start to believe there is no God when they witness such incidents, while others lose their faith in God. They question why God allows such things to happen. These people have no understanding of reality and that these are all accounts that are being settled. These accounts are not just of this life alone. The laws of nature are just. Even the lady being crushed to death is justice. This world is exactly just.

If it were indeed the fault of the driver from the perspective of nature's justice, the driver would have been shot or arrested immediately. Really he is not at fault, but he has created a new fault. This will result in him suffering when the consequences of his karma comes into effect. He has liberated the lady from her fault and in the process has bound himself.

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