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How to destroy mistakes after enlightenment?

Major importance is given to the awareness of aggression caused to others through the medium of thoughts, speech and acts and to ask for forgiveness in the direct presence of the awakened Lord within. You should maintain awareness in every step of daily living.  The inner component of anger, pride, attachment and greed within you will continue to create new karmic accounts without fail.  And it is against these very components that you have to do pratikraman immediately and erase everything. You cannot afford to let this business of binding karma continue.

Questioner: But the mistakes we make now, are they not from our past life?

Dadashri: These mistakes are the results of the very demerit karma that you committed in your past life.  Not only do people not destroy their mistakes in this life, but they also go on increasing them. In order to destroy a mistake, you must accept it and regard it as a mistake. You cannot go on protecting it. This is the key the Gnani gives you to solve all your problems. It can open up the most difficult of locks.

How can a Gnani Purush help you? All he does is to simply shed light on your mistakes; and show you ways not to support and protect your mistakes. But if you ever say something like, 'Oh but I have to live in this world, how can I possibly do that?' you are supporting your mistake. You should never support your mistake in this way. When you do this, not only are you supporting your mistake, but also creating bondage for infinite rebirths.

Once you begin to recognize your mistakes; they will be destroyed. When cloth merchants swindle their customers by stretching the cloth before cutting it in order to sell them short, and brag about their ruse, they are essentially committing grave negative karma.  This actually supports their mistakes. There is no need to support your mistake like that. By cheating others, one is doomed to face infinite rebirths.

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