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How does a pure chit lead to karma purification? Can honesty result in pure worldy interactions?

Purity of Chit Verily is the Spiritual Accomplishment 

Questioner: How can karma be purified (shuddhi)?

Dadashri: Purity of karma occurs by purifying the chit. When the chit (inner complex of knowledge and vision) becomes pure, so will the karma. Karma becomes impure (ashuddha) because the chit is impure; once the chit becomes pure (shuddha), so will karma.

Questioner: Will all the karmas become pure? Will whatever karma that one does become pure?

Dadashri: Karma will become pure after the chit becomes pure. When the chit is impure (ashuddha), karma becomes impure. When the chit is auspicious and beneficial to others (shubha), then karma is virtuous. When chit is bad, inauspicious-hurtful to others (ashubha), karma is bad. So everything depends on the chit! So it is the chit that has to be ‘repaired. ’ People say, ‘I have to purify my chit. ’ Therefore, spirituality (adhyatma) in this world is for the very purpose of purifying the chit. Therefore the chit needs to be purified.

The chit becomes impure when one steals and, by repenting, the very same chit becomes pure again. Impurity of the chit remains in the world because of failure to repent. And that is why all impure deeds (actions; karma) continue. People do not repent even when they know they have done something wrong. Even when they know they have done something wrong they say, ‘Everyone does it!’

So one loses the awareness that his chit is becoming impure.

Questioner: How can I purify worldly interaction (vyavahar)?

Dadashri: If one maintains purity of chit in his worldly interactions such that, ‘I don’t want to deceive this man,’ then his worldly interactions have become pure. Then, if deception does occur, then the worldly interactions become impure. Hence, if one conducts himself with ethics and discipline, remains fair and honest, then purity will be maintained in his worldly interactions.

Honesty is the best policy and dishonesty is the best foolishness.

For purity in worldly interaction, if you interact with others without hurting anyone, then that is considered purity of worldly interactions. Do not hurt anyone, even in the slightest, and if anyone hurts you, suffer it, but under no circumstances should you hurt anyone.

Questioner: Can we become free if we do pratikraman for our karma (actions)?

Dadashri: Almost everything will come to an end with pratikraman; some karma may still remain. All these karmas are bound by atikraman (transgression through mind, speech and action). With whatever interest and degree of intensity (rasa) the atikraman was bound, its effect will have to be suffered with equal and matching intensity (rasa). Even if pratikraman is being done, the intensity of the effect will have to be suffered. The effect of interest taken (in the cause during the charging) will remain because he took interest, did he not? The greatest liability is that of atikraman. There is no problem with the day-to-day functions of life where no one is hurt. The effect of pratikraman is that it stops bondage of new karma. The old karma will have to be suffered.

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