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What is just and unjust?

'The fault is of the sufferer,' is a hidden truth. Here if you use your intellect, it will not work. To understand this hidden truth, you have to go to a Gnani Purush. This hidden truth must be understood at the subtlest level. When human beings dispense justice, then there is a possibility of injustice. Nature, however is always just.

If you want to understand it in the worldly terms, it is like a computer. The manmade computer is not perfect. If you feed in wrong data, it will make mistakes. But nature's computer is flawless. The entity dispensing justice in this world is completely free from any attachment and bias.

If you understand and grasp just one word of the Gnani Purush, you will attain liberation. You will never need to take anyone's advice regarding who is at fault. The fault is of the sufferer.

This is a complete science. It is flawless. This is the Absolute Science. It is for the whole world, not just for Indians.

When I am showing you this perfect and clear justice, where is the need for any discussion of what is just and what is unjust? This is a very profound and subtle truth. I am giving you the essence of all the scriptures and telling you exactly how nature's justice works : 'The fault is of the sufferer.' This sentence is very exact. Whoever uses it and applies it in his life, will achieve liberation.

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