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How to practice honesty in business?

This is why I tell you what is for your absolute good. Do not resort to deceit. Deal honestly. Be honest with your customers and tell them that in your business, your profit margin is fifteen percent. They can buy from you if they want to. What has the Lord said? If you are destined to receive three hundred dollars, you will get that amount whether you steal, use deceit or deal honestly. You will not receive a penny more or less. So then why are you being foolish and taking on the liability of stealing and deceit? Try to do your business honestly and legally for a few days and see what happens. At first you will experience some difficulty for about six months to a year but it will then run very smoothly. Even your clients will realize that your business is honest and unadulterated. They will come to you without you having to advertise. The vyavasthit that brings customers to your shop is vyavasthit but the foolish ones sit in their shops worrying and waiting for the customers to show. They spoil their dhyan and enter into adverse meditation.

honesty in business

If you decide that you want to conduct an honest business, then it will happen for you. The Lord has said that there is grave liability in adulterating food and gold.

The times are such that you have to live amidst deceitful people. But still your intent and awareness should always be on how to escape from all deceit. With this intent, you will be able to escape from the greatest liability. If such intent exists then with repentance you will encounter circumstances where you will not have to be deceitful and your business will run well. On the contrary people will commend your business.

If you want to attain liberation you must follow the words of a Gnani and if you do not want liberation then follow the times but in your mind you must feel that you do not want a deceitful business. You will then find such a business. Your business practices should be such that even when a child comes to you, his parents will not have any fear of their child being cheated.

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