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Business tricks...Should I do that ?

Why is there a shortage of wealth? It is because of the practice of stealing. Goddess of wealth graces her presence where there is no deceit or stealing through the mind, the body and speech. Wealth is obstructed by the practice of deceit.


Intellect is not to be used to make money. It is to be used for the good of others.

With Gnan you can see clearly which of your actions bring you happiness and which make you miserable. People with intellect ruin things by tricking and deceiving others.

The word 'trick' should not even be in our dictionary. Why have you been given the knowledge of vyavasthit? Whatever is meant to be in vyavasthit, so let it be. If there is to be a profit of thousand dollars, let it be and if there is a loss of a thousand dollars, let that be too. Accept both profit and loss with equanimity. It is all under the control of vyavasthit and not under your control. If it were under your control, you would not allow your hair to turn gray. You will somehow find a way to keep them black.

A man without deceit looks simple and straightforward. One feels good just looking at his face. Whereas the face of a deceitful person looks laden, as if he has just swallowed some castor oil. Once you become the Self (Self-Realized), will you not have to clean up your old baggage? Will you not have to repay all that you have taken? The baggage you have filled through deceit will have to be paid back even through suffering. That is why I say, "Honesty is the best policy and dishonesty is the best foolishness."

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