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Does true love exist in relationships?

The world is perplexed because it believes that infatuation and attraction is love. All this is because of a man's need for a woman and a woman's need for a man. When these needs are not met, there are profuse complaints from the inner working components, the mind, chit, intellect and ego. No one belongs to anyone in this world, even for a minute. This has always been the case and it always will be. This would become evident, if a father were to scold his son for an hour. The son would retaliate and even threaten to sue for his share of the inheritance. Only a Gnani Purush loves you unconditionally. He alone is truly yours.

So do not look for love in this world because there is no such thing as love in it. Love cannot be found anywhere except in a Gnani Purush. Everywhere else love disappears and the quarrels start. That is not called love, it is all infatuation and attraction, but people refer to it as love. People are always contradicting themselves! Quarrels cannot be the result of love. Love means you do not see faults in others.

true love

With love one would never see the fault of the wife or the children throughout his life. In love, one never sees any faults at all. Just look at how people find faults with each other. 'You are like that.' 'No, you are like that.' The world has not seen even an iota of love. All this is infatuation and attraction of illusion.

Wherever there is infatuation and attraction, accusations will occur for sure. That is the nature of infatuation and attraction. Accusations like, 'you are like this and you are like that.' And the spouse will retort, 'you are like that, not me.' Infatuation and attraction exists in the world, because of quarrels. Quarrels are vitamins for infatuation and attraction. If there were no quarrels, one could become enlightened.

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