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Why are making adjustments in life the simplest key to maintain a relationship?

There are times when you are faced with situations where you are the one who has to adjust even though you know you are correct. You ask yourself, ‘I am correct, so why do I have to adjust?’ In these situations you can pacify your mind, by remembering the benefits of adjusting to maintain a relationship. Here they are: 

Maintain a Relationship

  • If you know how to adjust with others, you will never experience any unhappiness or suffering in life and you will always have good relationships.
  • If you adjust then you do not end up hurting the other person and therefore they will not bind vengeance against you.
  • If you adjust then your common sense arises. This means that your ability to solve problems also increases. As a result your work efficiency increases.
  • If you take adjustments not only will your present become better, but so will your future.
  • When you adjust to someone else, you are taking care of not hurting their mind. By doing this a lot of your own anger, pride, deceit and greed gets destroyed. As a byproduct, you are improving yourself.
  • You will experience mental peace.
  • You avoid clashes by adjusting good relationship and therefore your life runs smoothly.
  • You will be able to have good long-lasting relationships.
  • People will want to be in your company. They will respect you.
  • If you adjust to someone else, then down the road the people around you will also cooperate with you.
  • If you always adjust to the people around you, they will notice that. If by chance you happen to make a big mistake, then they are more likely to react as if nothing big has occurred. Not only that, they will also stand by you until the problem gets solved.
  • If you adjust to others, you are making them happy, thus nature will be on your side to help you progress in your life and career.

Your energies to adjust have to be cultivated especially with those you do not get along with. These energies are already present with people you get along with. Inability to adjust is a weakness. Why is it possible for me to get along with everyone? The more you adjust, the more your energies will increase and your weaknesses will diminish. Right understanding will prevail only when all the wrong understandings are destroyed. Everyone gets along with easy-going and good-natured people, but when you learn to get along with difficult, stubborn, and harsh personalities, you have truly accomplished something.

No matter how brazen and shameful a person is, if you know how to maintain a relationship without losing your mind, it is well worth it. Losing your temper is futile. Nothing in this world will 'fit' you (nothing will adapt to you), but if you 'fit' with every situation or people, then this world will be good. If you attempt to make others 'fit' with you, this world will become awkward. Adjust everywhere. As long as you 'fit' into everything, there will be no problems.

Disadvantages of Not Adjusting: 

  • If you do not adjust, then people will start to avoid you and they will call you mental
  • If you do not adjust then not only do you suffer, but so does the other person
  • If you do not adjust then the opposite person will get irritated and it will inevitably create conflict
  • If you hurt others by not adjusting then they bind vengeance against you. This will cause you to suffer in the next life
  • If you do not adjust you will have to wander around life after life
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