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How to apologize? I hurt someone.

How to apologize

Questioner: What should we do if we have hurt someone so badly that he is depressed?

Dadashri: Do pratikraman. And if you happen to meet that person again, then must tell him that the mistake was all yours and that you were insensitive. Tell him that you are sincerely sorry and that you are asking for his forgiveness. His wounds will heal when you say this.

Questioner: What should we do in order not to suffer the effects of behaving contemptuously towards others in the past?

Dadashri: For acts of contempt there is no other solution but to do repeated pratikramans. You have to keep on doing pratikraman until that person comes around. And if you happen to meet him face to face, then you should speak to him nicely and ask for forgiveness. Say to him, "I have made a very big mistake. I am a complete fool. I have no sense." When you discredit yourself, the other person feels better and his hurt will lessen.

I can see the effect of contempt from previous lives; therefore I am telling you not to have contempt towards anyone. Do not mistreat people. If you treat manual workers with contempt, they will take revenge in their next life. They may even become a snake and bite you out of vengeance. Contempt will never free you from its grip. Only pratikraman can save you.

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