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How to avoid making fun of others? How to ask for forgiveness for the same?

I used to make fun of all sorts of people, from the ordinary to very prominent and successful ones. Normally, who would make all kinds of fun? Extremely intelligent people have a tendency to make fun of others. Is such an ego not futile? Is that not misuse of one's intellect? It is a sign of misuse of intellect to make fun of others.

Questioner :I still feel like making fun of people.

Dadashri: There is danger in it. People have the power to make fun of others with their intellect but there is great liability incurred in doing so. In my pre Gnan life, I had repeatedly incurred this liability.

Questioner :What are the liabilities of making fun of others?

fun of others

Dadashri :The liability you incur from making fun of someone is infinitely greater than if you were to slap him. By making fun of him, you have taken advantage of the one who is not able to defend himself because of his lesser intellect. On the other hand, if you were to slap him, he is aware of it and he will retaliate. In this case, he cannot do so, therefore, the Lord within him will challenge you on his behalf. In taking advantage of his lesser intellect, you have made the Lord within him your adversary and so the consequences will be dire!

Questioner :We had been in the same business.

Dadashri :But still you can do pratikraman for that, no? We had done the same thing. And that is very wrong. I had the very same problem. What can I do-when making fun of someone is hindering that intellect, it will attack for sure, no? Would there be such a great benefit due to that "increase" in intellect? That is why these comedians have to suffer miseries for no reason.

Say for instance, if someone were to walk like this and like this, and if you make fun of him, then God will say, "Here, take this in return." Do not poke fun of anyone in this world. All these hospitals are in existence due to this only. All this bad accumulation is the result of poking fun. We have also received the fruit of making fun.

That is why I am saying that it is very wrong to make fun. The reason for this is that it is considered that one has made a fun of God. It is all right that it is a donkey, but after all what is it? It is a God. It is very wrong to make fun of someone. Yes, after all, it is a God. God resides in every living being. You cannot make fun of anybody. If you make fun then God will know that; "Yes, let's have it, this time I will bring your settlement."

Questioner :Now to resolve this we must do pratikraman, no?

Dadashri :Yes, you must. There is no choice.

Questioner :Dada, what if I do pratikraman and ask for forgiveness in presence of Dada as a witness?

Dadashri :If you speak, "Dada, as my witness," that will do too. If you speak, "I am asking for forgiveness in the presence of Dada as my witness, since I have hurt that person through my speech," then it will reach that person.

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