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Should I expand my business?

Questioner:  How much should we expand our business?


Dadashri: You can expand your business to the point where you can sleep soundly. You may even expand to the point where you are able to remove it from your mind when you want to sleep. You should not invite trouble, which is unnecessary.

Is there not a relationship with the shopkeeper and the customer? Does that relationship end when the shopkeeper closes his shop? No it does not. The customer will remember how the shopkeeper treated him. He will remember if the shopkeeper sold him bad merchandise. People will always remember and bind revenge, so even if you close your business in this life, they will not leave you alone in your next life. They will not rest until they have avenged themselves. This is the law of hurt and revenge. That is why the Lord has said to become free from vengeance by any means that you can.

Once an acquaintance of mine borrowed some money from me. He never came back to return the money he borrowed .I understood then that this was because of some unsettled account from past life. I told him that he did not have to return the money and that he was free to keep it. If you are able to break the recurring cycle of vengeance by letting go of your money, do so. Break the vengeance by whatever way you can otherwise even one person's vengeance will lead to your wandering life after life.

Even if hundreds of thousands of rupees were at stake,I would let it be. Because that money is bound to go and I am bound to remain. Whatever the situation, I will not let any kashay take place. What remains to be said even if you loose a hundred thousand rupees? At least I am still here and the rest is dispensable.

I separate everything - if the business was running in a loss, I would say, 'The business has suffered a loss'. We are not the owner of profit and loss so why should we take on the burden of profit and loss? Profit or loss does not touch us. If for some reason there is a loss in the business and the income tax has to be paid, I would tell the business, 'Business, if you have anything to pay the taxes off with, do so. You are the one who has to fulfill this'.

If someone were to ask me, 'Have you incurred a loss this year?' I would say 'No, I have not had a loss, the business has'. And if there was a profit I would say, 'The business made the profit.' I do not have profit or loss.

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