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Importance of Human Life

One returns into the human form, after having wandered through other life forms. And it is also through the human form, that one is released from this cycle of wandering. If one knows how to fulfill his human birth, then he can achieve liberation but if he does not, then that life becomes a vehicle for endless wandering. He dissipates his karmas in all other life forms, but it is only in the human form that he binds as well as dissipates karmas.

Importance Of Human Life

This human body has been acquired with great difficulty, so use it to accomplish your work. The Soul has spent endless births to acquire this human body.  If only, this body spends one birth for the Soul, your work will be done in this very birth.

If as a human one meets a Gnani Purush, then he can acquire liberation. Even the celestial beings have an intense desire to acquire a human form. Through establishing a connection with a Gnani Purush, the body that had been a foe for endless previous births now becomes an absolute friend. It is through this body that you have met a Gnani Purush, so get your work done.

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