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What are the effects of conflict?

If we are aware of the effects of conflict, then we will understand the dangers of doing so and avoid getting into clashes in the first place.

Disadvantages of Conflicts:

  • Your entire day gets ruined when you get into a clash.
  • When you clash, although the solution is right before you, you are unable to see it. Anger, pride, attachment, greed all arise as a result of your inability to see what lies in front of you and these aggravate the misunderstandings, disagreements, arguments, inappropriate behavior and frustration.
  • Clashes deplete your energy.
  • When you clash with someone you start to create divisiveness due to differences of opinions with that person.
  • People will start to avoid you and they will call you mental
  • By clashing with your family and friends, your love for each other will decrease.
  • Not only do you suffer, but so does the other person. Just like when you get into a car crash with someone, both of you get hurt and so do your cars.
  • The opposite person will get irritated and they will not leave you without causing you harm.
  • Not only your mind and the intellect, but the entire internal mechanism will be affected and its effects will be seen on your body too. Many difficulties arise because of clashes.
  • If you hurt someone by clashing with them in order to get your way, you will inevitably suffer pain at that moment.
  • You will lose your common sense if you clash with anyone.
  • You hurt the other person in whom the Lord (Pure Soul) is residing. There is grave danger in clashing with living beings because the Lord resides within them.

avoid clashes

  • If the other person makes a mistake, it has no value; but if a clash occurs (with someone), there are serious consequences. God does not exist where there is clash.
  • If we clash brutally battling and ramming our horns into each other, we may even forego a human birth in our next life by sowing the seeds for our rebirth in the animal kingdom. Life is not easy there. It is full of pain and suffering. You must understand this well and avoid clashes. Otherwise, you are spoiling your current life and you are ruining your next life too. The one, who ruins this life, is definitely ruining the life to come! If this life improves, so will the next life! If we do not encounter problems in this life, then we should know that the next life would be problem free also! If you create problems here, they will follow you into the next life.
  • Even a single negative thought towards any living being is detrimental; new karmic accounts will open up which will bring even more suffering.
  • If you do not adjust you can become insane. Repeated harassment of others is the reason for this insanity.
  • Avoid conflicts. Conflict is the foundation of the worldly life and its perpetual cycle. God has said that this foundation has been built out of vengeance. Every man, every living being harbors vengeance as a reaction to conflict. If interactions go beyond the limits, then vengeance will surface. This will cause you to suffer in the next life.
  • By associating with friction we encounter a lot of obstacles, which will delay our ultimate liberation (moksha).

Benefits of Avoiding Clashes:

  • When you avoid clashes with someone, you are taking care of not hurting their mind. By doing this a lot of your own anger, pride, deceit and greed gets destroyed. As a byproduct, you are improving yourself.
  • You will experience mental peace.
  • By avoid clashes your life runs smoothly.
  • You will be able to have good long-lasting relationships.
  • If you avoid clashes with others, you are making them happy, thus nature will be on your side to help you progress in your life and career.
  • Even if you avoid clashes for one day tremendous energy arises. Energy meaning that which does not allow anything to touch you, good or bad. This energy is such that it will not allow anger-pride-deceit-greed to occur. Whatever kind of clash someone creates you will be able to avoid it because of these energies.
  • If you do not react in a clash then the path to rise higher spiritually and in the relative world opens up.
  • In the absence of conflicts, you will be stable, cool-headed, considerate, and above all, have a lot of common sense. If someone tries to clash with you but you do not clash with them, then common sense arises. And as one progresses in following his decision to avoid clash, his intuition grows.

If you just grasp this much, ‘never ever get into clashes’, you will conserve your energies, which will grow day by day. Thus you will not incur any loss with friction coming from the other side. Simply this resolve within a person, will result in a spontaneous, inner, intuitive approach, which will show you the way.

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