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‘Adjust Everywhere’ for Peace of Mind

Have you ever noticed that there are things in nature that adjust to their environment?

  • Like the way water in a river easily adjusts to the trees, rocks and stones in its way. All in order to reach its destination – the ocean!
  • Or the way, in areas of drought, the roots of trees spread wide and deep into the ground in order to get water. This is how trees adjust in a dessert.
  • In certain seasons, birds and animals alike have to migrate in order to sustain their life.

These are just a few examples of nature’s adjustments to its surrounding environment.


What is the intention behind Adjusting in Life?

adjusting in life

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan has unfolded the unique key of ‘Adjust Everywhere.’ Let us read in His own words what the intention behind adjusting in life is:

Questioner: What is the intention behind this adjustment, and to what extent do we have to adjust?

Dadashri: The intention is peace and the goal is peace. This is the key to avoid unhappiness. It is Dada's science of adjustment. This adjustment is remarkable. You know what happens whenever you do not adjust. This failure to adjust is foolishness. Adjustment is justice. Any kind of obstinacy (adherence to one's viewpoint) is not justice. You should never force your viewpoint on anyone regardless of the matter; I never do. In life, you must use the approach that will quickly draw matters to a close.

No one has ever failed to adjust with me. Here, a household of only four cannot adjust with each other. Will you learn how to adjust? Is it not possible to adjust? You will learn from whatever you observe. The law of this world is that you will learn from what you observe. No one has to teach you that. Is any part of this difficult to learn? Perhaps you might not understand the part that I am preaching, but if you were to observe my conduct, you will easily learn.

Even if you know very little in this world, it is not a major problem. You may have very little knowledge about your field of work. Even that is all right, but it is essential that you know how to adjust for your peace of mind. You have to learn to adjust otherwise you will suffer. Take advantage of this message and make the most of it.

Understanding to help you Adjust easily in Life: 

  • We are only on earth for a short period of time so we do not want to spend our time clashing over temporary things. Nothing is going to come with us when we die, therefore we should adjust instead.
  • If we argue over the ownership of an iceberg in the dessert then we will be wasting our time, because eventually the iceberg will melt and we will be left empty-handed. In reality, everything has an end, so it is better to adjust and maintain your peace of mind.
  • If someone makes a mistake it is better that you adjust with them rather than point out their faults. There are many times when you, yourself, do not want to make mistakes, but they happen because it is not in your control. Similarly, the opposite person makes mistakes even though it is not their intention, so you should understand this and adjust. On the other hand, if someone is nagging you, then your role changes here. You have to understand where they are coming from i.e. their point of view, because in the end, they are advising you for your own benefit. If you are able to understand your role in both situations then it is only your own benefit.
  • Everyone in your home has a different personality and lifestyle, but in the end they are your loved ones. They can remain happy if they are allowed to live in their own way, without your nagging and interference. So it is better for everyone if you understand and adjust to their nature.
  • If clashes increase in your life, it will result in differences of opinions, eventually the love in your home will go away. Instead, if you adjust in your home, with the people around you, then the love will remain between you.
  • If you do not adjust, you are hurting the other person and at that moment, suffering will automatically befall upon you. If you do not see the other person’s faults then you will be happy.

Param Pujya Dadashri says, “Circumstances will continue to change. They will not adjust to you; you will have to adjust to them. Circumstances do not have bhaav (inner-intent) and you have bhaav. To make the circumstances favorable is our job. Unfavorable circumstances are indeed favorable. One begins to breathe hard while going up the stairs, and yet why does he climb them? There is the bhaav that he will be able to go up; he will be able to take advantage of what is up there!

So if you want to progress in life and experience peace of mind and happiness, then to ‘Adjust Everywhere’ is the most essential starting point to reach your desired destination.

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