Humans are social animals that have colonized and evolved in communities. Social relationships form the basis of mutual growth and contentment. However, there are many people out there who live alone and are still happy. Seeing them, a question may arise in our mind, “Don’t they feel lonely?”

Feeling Lonely

Loneliness or being lonely is not being alone; it means you are feeling alone. This feeling can trigger even when you are amidst the crowd. Loneliness means that you feel disconnected from your own self, from others and from the society.

The feeling of “I am alone” is like an octopus that engulfs one with its strong arms only to make one feel depressed and get trapped in its dark veils of negativity. This bitter feeling is more commonly experienced in tough times, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic and war! The moment we start feeling lonely, our whole focus turns to it and then we succumb to it just to suffer.

Why Does One Feel Alone or Lonely?

One could be feeling isolated owing to some family issues or personal dissatisfaction. At times, there is no clear reason for this feeling. However, what needs to understand is that being lonely and sad is not due to external circumstances but due to our internal perceptions.

Most of the time, it is felt because one thinks that no one in the society is willing to accept him. However, the fact is that he does not accept himself as he is, which causes self negativity and brings forth tremendous suffering.

This is a consequence of not respecting ourselves and pressurizing ourselves for coping up with others’ expectations. When we fail to adjust to others’ way of thinking, we feel dejected from within. Even though we want to connect with the ones around us, we cannot. This inner inability leads to increased self-negative thoughts.

Akram Science, a revolutionary Spiritual Science, says that the root cause of feeling alone is the lack of true understanding of the Self.

Feeling Lonely

Dealing with Loneliness

What to do when you feel lonely? How to stop feeling lonely? The good news here is that there are some easy, practical ways for overcoming loneliness.

1) Acknowledging and Tackling:

  • Acknowledge: There are people who neglect their suffering by overindulging in other activities such as watching movies and eating food. However, these are just short-lived distractions that make one feel occupied, giving a symptomatic relief from loneliness. However, when one stops watching or eating, the same feeling of loneliness surfaces again. This means that we are not accepting this feeling but running away from it. Thus, acknowledging “I am feeling alone” is the first step to overcome it. Only then can we get solutions to come out of it.

  • Tackle Negative Thoughts: Negative thoughts can overpower us only when we allow them to remain within! Not listening to them and replacing them quickly with the positive ones help in improving our willpower and confidence. Right understanding and positivity work as antidotes here. If we do not use them, we will never come out of this negativity. We can get both antidotes by reading the autobiographies and books revealing the life incidents of great people who have gone through the similar phases of life. So now, if you feel lonely, just take inspiration from these sources along with the path to deal with it.

2) Self-Realization: This is the major key to get rid of the ignorance of the Self along with the misunderstandings about ourselves. When we realize who we are (our real identity) from the Enlightened One, inner peace replaces the extreme darkness of isolation. Thus, Self-Realization is the most effective way to stop feeling alone.

A sense of inner bliss ensues from within and the strength to fight against the wrong or negative feelings doubles after the Self-Realization ceremony. This happens only through the grace of the living Enlightened One. Thousands of people have experienced this eternal bliss through Self-Realization. You, too, can enroll for it at the earliest!

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