How to Know What Is My Destiny? Can I Get Something that Is Not in My Destiny?

To know what is my destiny, one usually opts for different techniques or ways such as numerology, palmistry, astrology, fortune telling, psychic readings, and online personality and nature quiz. When the logical brain fails to justify the circumstances, humans approach the metaphysical sources.

Most of us believe in them when we do not get the expected results, are curious enough to know about the future, or when it comes to how to know your destiny. However, no matter which one you choose, does any of them reveal your destiny with certainty? From any of the above metaphysical sources, do you get to hear, “Yes, this specific incidence is going to happen in next so many months or after so many years; there is no escape or denial!”? None of these sources will give you a guarantee for the prediction, right?

Okay, let’s now examine some scenarios!

Analyzing Metaphysical Sources to Discover Destiny


Scenario 1: Let’s assume that an astrologer had told you about the high probability of you becoming a wealthy engineer in a young age. This is exactly what you also wanted to be. Listening to the prediction, at that time, your joy knew no bounds. You studied hard and obtained the required degrees and skills. However, currently you are working for more hours and less pay despite having 10 years of experience. This is probably due to the ongoing economic crisis.

Scenario 2: Let’s take another scenario wherein a fortune teller or an astrologer had predicted a happy married life for your friend by marrying someone from a prestigious family by the age of 30 and reaching parenthood by the age of 32. This prediction certainly delighted your friend. However, due to spiritual inclination, the friend takes a firm decision of being a celibate and continues to live that kind of life honestly. This is perhaps due to knowledge twist in his life.

Scenario 3: Let’s take another scenario wherein a fortune teller in 2019 had predicted frequent business-related foreign tours and unbelievably good wealth accumulation in next two years. You were elated! Upon the recommendation of the fortune teller, you also started wearing a related gemstone ring. However, due to COVID, you end up having just one tour resulting in no profit at all.

Scenario 4: Now, let’s assume that a numerologist has recently predicted for you that your current career is likely to suffer a setback after some months. Now, this certainly upsets you due to which the jolt of that probable setback starts right from the moment you hear the prediction.

Regardless of whether the career will get a setback or not, you have already started suffering! Well, here, knowing about the uncertain future have made the present certainly sorrowful! In all four incidences, you paid money for no desired gains; this is another pain, isn’t it?


In short, these sources, from where one expects to know what is my destiny, make only PREDICTIONS or PROBABILITIES; they may or may not happen. They only reveal what can possibly happen; they will never say that this specific event is bound to happen on this day and time, and at this place. The media in use such as numbers, crystal balls, and planets are just instruments in making a general, highly-possible prediction; they are less likely to reveal happenings with precise details and/or assurance.

Moreover, techniques like astrology and horoscope reveal predictions that apply to a lot of people, not just one or two at a time. However, one misinterprets to be specifically for him or her. Thus, the predictions may become true for some people in the targeted group.

However, this does not mean that these sources are wrong. It is just that they cannot surely answer the question, “What is your destiny?”

The Road Ahead…

So then, you may think, “Is there a way to know for sure as to what is my destiny in life? Is this even possible?” The answer lies in knowing how destiny works; just read ahead…

The Subtle Aspect of How Destiny Works 

Before knowing how destiny comes into fruition, it is essential to understand what is destiny. According to Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the spiritual scientist of Akram Vignan, the karmas in the form of a plan in the previous life unfolds or materializes in this life. This materialization is called prarabdha (fate, destiny).


So, it is our own karmas that decide our destiny. Whatever happens is based on the law of cause and effect! The cause is made in the past life by making an intent and its effect comes in the form of the result of karma in this life. Until the outcome unfolds, there is no surety as to know how things will occur or what you are destined to.

Moreover, several factors come together to give the result of our karmas, such as time, place, intent, effort, and even destiny. None of these are factors is in our hands or control, except for efforts.

Conclusion/Answer: Thus, it is not possible to find out a precise answer to what is my destiny although it is possible to know the probabilities. 

Takeaway: Do not waste your time and money in knowing what is your destiny or waiting for it to happen, as you will not gain anything. Rather, have a clear vision, resolve to live for a high-level goal, and then contribute your best towards it. Then, whatever happens will be your destiny, for effort is something that you can make regardless of the circumstances or unfolding karmas. Yes, you have a role to play even if the destiny is unknown or pre-decided. Above all, do you know that it is possible to change your destiny?

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