Shree Ajitnath Bhagwan: Life Stories of the Second Tirthankara

Ajitnath Bhagwan was the 2nd Tirthankar out of the 24 Tirthankars of this current time cycle. When Shree Ajitnath Swami became a Tirthankar, it was the beginning of the fourth aara. During that era, a human being’s lifespan and height used to be very long. Lord Ajitnath was 450 bows tall.

Come, let’s now read the life stories of His two previous births along with His last life as a Tirthankar.

Shree Ajitnath Bhagwan – Previous Births

Lord Ajitnath’s third-last birth was as King Vimalvahan in the Purva Mahavideh Kshetra’s Susima Nagri, located at the south end of River Sita in Vatsa Vijay. He was extremely powerful and endowed with all skills. He was running his kingdom very nicely. As it was the Sushma-Susham kaal (an era of the time cycle characterized predominantly by happiness), King Vimalvahan’s reign was extremely opulent. No one was sad in his reign; He ruled peacefully.

Once, at night, King Vimalvahan was sitting in the balcony of his palace and was watching constellations, moon and stars in the sky. Just then, he saw a falling star, and seeing that, a sense of detachment from the worldly pleasures arose in him. He thought, “Even my life is temporary as these stars, and one day, this body also will perish”. In this way, in deep contemplation, topmost dispassion arose in him and then he took Diksha.

After taking Diksha, doing penance, he followed a wonderful conduct. As a result, he attained the permanent conviction of the right belief of ‘I am Pure Soul,’ also known as Kshayak Samkit. After attaining Kshayak Samkit, in the same birth, He bound (the karma of) Tirthankar gotra. After binding the Tirthankar gotra, doing penance, meditation, etc, King Vimalvahan attained Samadhi Maran.

After samadhi maran, the king reincarnated as Ahmindra Dev in the Anuttar Vimaan celestial realm named Vijay. The lifespan of celestial gods in Anuttar Vimaan is extremely long. Over and above, in Anuttar Vimaan, King Vimalvahan was with the permanent conviction of the right belief of ‘I am Pure Soul.’ Ahmindra Devas in Anuttar Vimaan do not get engrossed (remain detached) in any kind of pleasures and are always in contemplation of their Soul only.

Shree Ajitnath Bhagwan – Childhood

From Anuttar Vimaan, after been conceived, Lord Ajitnath was born to King Jeetshatru and Queen Vijaya in the Ayodhya city of Bharat Kshetra. Ayodhya is the city in India and is considered very sacred and religious. Many Tirthankars have been born in this city.

When any Tirthankar is conceived in the mother’s womb, in the night before conception, the mother gets 14 divine dreams. The mothers of all Tirthankars get 14 identical dreams.

Queen Vijaya spoke to King Jeetshatru about her 14 dreams. King Jeetshatru was avadhi gnani (clairvoyant). Through his clairvoyance, he saw that a Tirthankar would be born to Queen Vijaya. Listening to this, happiness and pleasure spread amongst the masses. 

Ever since the conception took place, the Disha Kumari Devis remained present in the service of Mother Vijaya. These Devis come in a group of eight and render great service to the Tirthankar’s mother. The first eight Disha Kumari Devis come to serve at the time when the Lord is in the womb. Then, eight Disha Kumari Devis come at the time of Lord’s birth; after the Lord’s birth, another eight Disha Kumari Devis come at the time of raising the Lord.

How high is the gotra of Lord Tirthankar and what kind of grandeur He must be having that right from conception to rearing, crores of celestial gods and goddesses take care of everything of the Lord. 

Lord Ajitnath took birth. A Tirthankar does not have to drink His mother's milk; the celestial gods fill the thumb of the baby Tirthankar Lord with nectar forever; which never finishes. The celestial gods and goddesses bathe the baby Lord and take equal care of His mother too.

Because the Lord had won over all kashays namely, anger, pride, deceit and greed; He was named Ajitnath. His father's name was King Jeetashatru and His mother's name was Queen Vijaya Devi; so the meaning of both His mother’s and father’s names also is ‘victory.’ One who has attained victory over the kashays is called Purush. Really speaking, the meaning of Purush is Parmatma. When kashay and vishay (sensual pleasures) go away completely, only then one attains the state of Parmatma. Kevali Lords and Tirthankars are truly called Purush


Right from birth, Ajitnath Bhagwan had Shrut Gnan, Mati Gnan and Avadhi Gnan. He got married at a young age. After marriage, He took care of His kingdom in Ayodhya for a long time. He used to often go to see (do darshan) of the Monks (Munis). He was very much attracted to the Monks and Tirthankar Lords. While worshipping and serving the Lord, dispassion arose in Him. Upon the request of the celestial beings, Lord Ajitnath decided to take Diksha. Every day for a year, the celestial gods filled the treasure with crores of gems and the Lord donated through His hands.

The celestial gods took care of the Lord’s Diksha Mahotsav as well. Even the Devas rejoiced and were delighted at this event, because after Diksha, the Lord was about to leave for the salvation of thousands of people.

Omniscience and Nirvana

After taking Diksha, the fourth type of spiritual knowledge named Manahparyav Gnan manifested in the Lord. After Manahparyav Gnan, the Lord travelled in His chadmastha state. Thereafter, the Lord attained Keval Gnan. After Keval Gnan, the Lord gave Deshna and inspired many people to walk on the path of Moksha. Ajitnath Swami had 90 Ganadhars (chief disciples of a Tirthankar). Sinhsen was the Lord’s chief Ganadhar.

While liberating people, the Lord’s Nirvana time came close. He attained Nirvana and departed to the realm of the absolutely liberated Souls, which is located at the crest of the universe, also known as Siddha gati or Siddha Kshetra. The celestial gods celebrated this event of departure of Ajitnath Bhagwan to Siddha Kshetra with great happiness.


Whenever we do the darshan of Lord Ajitnath, let’s maintain an intent, “Just like how you won over kashays, we too want to win over them in the same way; the right vision (Samyak Darshan) like yours should manifest within us too - please grant us the strength for that. We, too, get completely free from kashays and attain the state of Siddha.”

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