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What are the milestones on the spiritual journey towards the Omniscience (Keval Gnan) state?

The darkness prevails because of the layers of ignorance over the True Self. For an instance, if there was a thousand watts light bulb fitted in a clay pot, and the opening of the pot was closed tight, would there be any light around? No, you would not be able to see any light. This is the case with the ignorant self (muddhatma). Within you there is infinite light of real Knowledge (Gnan prakash), but the darkness prevails because of the layers of ignorance over the Self. With the grace and special powers (siddhis) of the Self-Realized one (Gnani Purush), if a tiny hole is made in the clay-pot covering the light bulb, the whole room will be filled with the light coming through. That much covering is broken and that much direct light comes out. This light increases as more of the layers are lifted and as more holes are made in the pot. And when the whole pot is destroyed and separated, detached away from the bulb, there will be a flood of full light everywhere! Like that, In Akram Vignan, when Param Pujya Dadashri gives Self Realization (Gnan), the moon appears. The first light is like that of the second day in the lunar fortnight, and that occurs when the complete Gnan is given. Only as much as it is like “during the second day in the lunar fortnight.” Then we should try to reach the “full moon” in this life. Then the second would turn into third, then the fourth, then fifth, and when it reaches to “full moon,” it will be complete. Thus the omniscience (keval gnan) state has occurred.

keval gnan

Direct light of the Soul (Pragnya) will keep you alert constantly 

Pragnya is the direct light of the Soul and it begins after this Self Realization ceremony (Gnan Vidhi). Pragnya in the samkit state is like a partial phase. It is like the second day of the moon (like a sickle shaped moon as compared to a full moon). For all those who have received Self Realization (Gnan), pragnya is fully expressed, like the full moon. The full force of pragnya keeps you constantly alert. Its role is to take you to the final liberation.

Understanding (Darshan) automatically results in Knowledge (Gnan)

After attaining the understanding (darshan), how long does it take to result in Gnan (experience, anubhav)?

As the understanding matures and establishes, the Gnan (Knowledge) develops that much within. You do not have to worry as to when that will happen. The understanding will automatically result in Gnan; ‘it’ (ignorance) will leave on its own. Therefore, all You have to do is here keep understanding. The Gnan verily is doing the work. In that You do not have to do anything. Gnan continues to work even while you are asleep, when you are awake and even in your dreams.

For example, if you want to go to Delhi, the first thing you need to understand is how to get there, then you will reach Delhi, without fail. Understanding is like a seed and Gnan is like a tree. All you need to do is provide the water; meaning the intent (bhaav).

Right Gnan needs to be fitted in your understanding, it does not need to be brought into conduct (vartan). Conduct (vartan) verily is the fruit of understanding! That which is understood, but has not resulted in conduct, is called vision (darshan), and when it comes into conduct it is called gnan. Who is the mother of gnan? Understanding (samaj) is the mother of gnan. From where is one to attain that vision? From the Self-Realized one (Gnani Purush). Complete understanding (samaj) is absolute vision (keval darshan) and when it manifests in conduct, it is absolute knowledge (keval gnan)!

Acquaintance with a Self-Realized one (Gnani Purush)

Param Pujya Dadashri says, “Through this Akram Vignan, you too have attained the experience of the Self. You have attained the Self naturally and, therefore, it will benefit you and you will progress further. You have to understand it through having as much acquaintance as possible with a Gnani Purush (Self-Realized one). One has to understand this Gnan very profoundly. This is because this Gnan has been given only within an hour. How magnanimous this Gnan is!!! The Gnan, which cannot occur in a million years, happens in one hour. However, one gets the basic Gnan and then one has to understand in detail. To understand this in detail, you come and sit with me and ask all the questions; then I can explain it to you. That is why ‘we’ are saying that it is extremely necessary to have company of those who promote the attainment of the Self. As you go on asking questions, answers will unfold within. If it bothers you then you should ask.

Importance of Spiritual Discourses (Satsang) and Q&A Session

Just as it is necessary to sprinkle water after sowing a seed in order for it to grow, attending spiritual discourses after Self Realization is important for one to progress on their spiritual journey towards the Omniscient stage.

Param Pujya Dadashri has disclosed his vision for the same as below:

Questioner: Even after taking Gnan (Self Realization), to bring forth and hold the idea that, “I am Pure Soul (Shuddhatma),” appears a little difficult.

Dadashri: No, you do not have to recall and hold; it will come by itself. So what do you have to do for that? You have to come back and forth to ‘Me.’ The water of satsang (spiritual discourses) that nourishes the seed of knowledge (“I am Pure Soul”) would not be sprinkled because of not remaining in touch with a Self-Realized one (Gnani Purush). That is why all this becomes difficult. What can happen to your business if you do not pay attention?

Questioner: It will go down.

Dadashri: Yes, this is also like that. You took Gnan so now you have to nurture the seeding that has grown with water of satsang, and then the plant will grow. If a planted sapling is small, then you have to water it. So ‘we’ would water it a little in a month or two months.

Questioner: We do spray water at home on our own.

Dadashri: No, if you water at home then it will not work that way.

The state changes when degree increases

Param Pujya Dadashri bestows upon us Absolute Knowledge and Absolute Vision during the Self Realization process. This Absolute Vision remains intact but due to the effect of the current time cycle we are unable to digest the Omniscience (Keval gnan) of 360°.

When this Gnan (Knowledge of the Self) is bestowed upon us, we reach 300° and as this increases the experience of the Self increases. When it reaches 345 degrees that state is called the Gnani state. The Gnani state remains till 359 degrees. Once 360 degrees is attained, one reaches to Omniscience (keval gnan) state and becomes God. Omniscients can see that every living being is faultless (nirdosh). In Their eyes, no living being is suffering and no one is happy. Everything is regular.

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