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Is Spiritual Enlightenment possible for those living a Married Life?

You might have heard that in order to fulfil their deep desire of attaining liberation, people renounce their homes and family, chant (japa), do penance (tapa), as well as practice austerities; all in order to progress on the path of the liberation of the Soul.

married can acquire self realization

While on the other hand, many great men like Shrimad Rajchandra, Lord Krishna, Arjuna, and Lord Ram have been become Self-Realized, while living in the worldly life and being married.

How is it possible to get spiritual enlightenment even while living a married life? With spiritual science.

  1. The same spiritual science that Lord Rushabdev gave Bharat Chakravati. With the help of which Bharat Chakravati was able to attain liberation despite having queens and sensual pleasures.
  2. Even Lord Krishna gave Arjuna this same spiritual vision. As a result, despite participating in the Mahabharata battle, Arjuna was able to attain liberation in that same life.
  3. In His final incarnation, Lord Mahavir was married and had a daughter. He led a worldly life until the age of thirty and despite this He attained full liberation.

Did spiritual knowledge really allow them to attain spiritual enlightenment and ultimately liberation even though they lived a married life?

Yes! In reality a wife, children, wealth and sensual pleasures are not a hindrance to attaining liberation, only the ignorance of the Self is a hindrance.

However, all these great men lived in a different time, in this era, is it possible to attain spiritual enlightenment without renunciation and dispassion for worldly life?

Let’s find out from this short excerpt of Gnani Purush (Self-Realized one) Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan’s spiritual discourse:

Questioner: Is it possible to acquire Atma Gnan so easily, as a married householder?

Dadashri: Yes, there is such a way. It is possible to attain Atma Gnan (Self Realization) even while living with your wife and your children. You can attain Atma Gnan while living the worldly life and fulfilling your parental and other duties. I myself, who is living this worldly life, can make this happen for you. You will have the freedom to do whatever you wish. Go to the cinema. Get your children married. Wear beautiful clothes, etc. What other guarantees do you need?

Questioner: Then it is worth looking into. If I can have that kind of freedom, I am very interested.

Dadashri: All the freedom you desire is yours. This is a shortcut path to Atma Gnan. It does not require any effort on your part. I will give you your Atma (Soul) in your hands, so all that remains, is for you to enjoy the bliss of the experience. This is the elevator path. Stay in the elevator (the shortcut path as opposed to the traditional kramic step by step path to liberation). You will not bind any new karma. The only karma you bind will be through following my aagnas (five cardinal principles), and they will result in one more lifetime. I give you these aagnas to protect you from any deviations or obstacles on this path.

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