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Do you ever have suspicions about your True Self? Discover Your True Self!

No one really has any suspicions or doubts regarding the issue of, ‘Who am I?’ However, that suspicion does not arise in the first place! On the contrary, we strengthen our ignorance of our identity and because of that, anger-pride-attachment-greed remain intact. One has held on to the non-truth, this has caused an awareness of this non-truth to be the truth. If one hangs on to the non-truth for a long period of time, that non-truth becomes the truth for him. If the non-truth becomes deeply engrained in his belief, it becomes the truth and then he will never come to the realization that it is the non-truth; it will always be the truth for him.

Hence anger-pride-attachment-greed will go away if suspicions about one’s true identity arises, but such suspicions never do. How would they? Who would help you in doing so? Man has been suspicion-free about his real identity for endless past lives, who can create suspicion in this matter? Whatever name one has been given in any life, he assumed it to be the truth. Suspicion has never arisen about it, has it? How tremendously difficult this is? And anger-pride-attachment-greed remains intact because of that. If you want to become free from anger-pride-attachment-greed then you have to realize your True Self. The ‘solution’ of all the scriptures comes from knowing only this – the knowledge of the Self. But how can one attain the knowledge of the Self? After attaining the knowledge of the Self, nothing more remains to be known, but how is one to know this?

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The world remains suspicion less where suspicion is needed

There is only one place where there is a need for suspicion and that is to question yourself 'Am I really *John (Put your Name)?' that is the only suspicion you need to continue to have in order to find your true self.

Let’s see Param Pujya Dadashri’s live conversation with a spiritual seeker on how to discover yourself:

Questioner: Suspicion on, 'I am *John (Put your Name)'…

Dadashri: Then your work is done. Nobody has this suspicion, even when I question them repeatedly about who they are, they just tell me, 'I am *John (Put your Name).' This suspicion about their identity never arises, does it?

When I keep stirring this issue, then the suspicion arises and one starts to think, 'What Dada is saying is correct; there is some truth in it.' Otherwise, one will never begin to have suspicions about his real identity.

Questioner: Is it necessary for that suspicion to arise before one can progress further?

Dadashri: No, not like that. These words are specifically for that suspicion; the words 'Am I *John (Put your Name)?' is helpful to him. All other suspicion is suicide. If the suspicion, 'Am I really *John (Put your Name)… am I really a son... a father… like the world says I am?' arises, then it is worth it.

So which suspicion is worth having? Suspicion related to the self, 'Is this the atma (Soul, the real Self) or that is the atma?' Until one realizes the Atma (the Self), he will continue to have suspicions, just as the world does.

All accusations are made because of the belief 'I am *John (Put your Name) for sure. I am decidedly (nischaya thi - in reality) *John (Put your Name). I am truly *John (Put your Name).' But now suspicion has arisen about this identity, has it not? A real doubt (vahem) has arisen in this matter, has it not? This suspicion will attain your work of Self Realization. No one gets doubts in this matter. No one will have suspicions in this matter even when one tries to.

How can such suspicion arise? Arey! Even the authorities, the government allows this blunder to continue. They will announce, 'Is *John (Put your Name) present?' and so *John (Put your Name) will stand up and the authorities will accept that. But he will never suspect that he is not *John (Put your Name) and that he is holding on to the wrong thing.

There is nothing in the outside world that will allow one to suspect one's identity of, 'Am I really *John (Put your Name)?' Even legal documents endorse that he is *John (Put your Name). When so many people accept this, how can he then have any suspicion about this?

*John (Put your Name) =  Whenever Dadashri uses the name 'John (Put your Name)' or the name of the person Dadashri is addressing, the reader should insert his or her name for exact understanding.

How can the suspicion of the Self disappear? How can you discover yourself? 

Akram Vignan is to be applauded in wonder that within one hour of the miraculous Gnan Vidhi (the one hour spiritual process of Self Realization), one becomes permanently suspicion-free about the Soul.

Suspicion about the Soul cannot go away by reading books. A manifest Gnani (Self-Realized one) is required there. As one knows more and more information from the scriptures, his suspicion increases more and more; once he reaches a stage of ‘I don’t know anything’, he is ready for real knowledge. The knowledge that gets rid of kashayas i.e. anger, greed, pride, deceit, is real knowledge; it is Gnan (Self Realization). Where there is suspicion, there is agony. The sign of knowing the Soul is a permanent suspicion free state.

He who becomes suspicion-free in the matter of the Soul is in a state of permanent liberation!

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