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That Too is Egoism!

Questioner: If we go to a person's house and he does not welcome us nicely, should we consider that as his egoism or his pride (maan)?

Dadashri: It is called being disrespectful (inconsiderate). You would call it his inconsideration towards you. If you feel offended, is it not your egoism? He will be liable for his disrespectfulness.  And if you feel bad, you too will be held liable.

Questioner: How would we recognize egoism?


Dadashri: Everyone can recognize egoism. If someone were to insult you right now, would you not recognize it immediately? Who becomes depressed the moment someone says, 'you have no sense'? Isn't it the egoism that does? Therefore, you can recognize egoism over and over again.

Questioner: That isn't so clear yet Dada, I am still confused.

Dadashri: No, here it is all very clear. If someone habitually tells you, 'Get up from here', even then your egoism would instantly rise up. Egoism is used constantly, time and time over. Even people would come to know how weighty their egoism is. And who is the one that knows, 'the egoism is heavy'? And the answer to that is, that it is indeed egoism.

One simply lives on egoism. 'There's no one like me, there's no one like me, I am bigger than him, I am bigger than him.' That's all!

No matter how worthless a person is, even if it is to the ultimate degree, even then he will be a superior. So then why would he have any problems? What does even a rural native say? 'I am the owner of these four cows'.  So why would he have any problems? It is through egoism that all this is created. Through egoism one claims, 'I own four cows. I own five hundred sheep'. People say, 'I own this'.  So humanity is plagued with egoism.

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