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What is egoism? And how it is different from the Self (Atma)?

'I am Chandubhai*' is egoism (ahankar). And this is not the only egoism. I am going to show you how there are so many forms of egoism. One will then say, 'I'm this girl's father', which is the second egoism. Then, 'I am this woman's husband', is the third egoism. 'I am so many years old', is the fourth egoism. 'I am fat', is the fifth egoism, 'My complexion is dark', is the sixth egoism, 'I am his grandfather', is the seventh egoism 'I am his maternal uncle', is the eighth egoism. 'I am his father's brother-in-law'. How many forms of egoism must there be? Therefore, a falsely asserted intent (aropit bhaav), is known as egoism (ahankar), and the original intent (maulik bhaav) is called non-egoism (nirahankar). When one says, 'I am poor', what would you call this?

Questioner: Egoism.


Dadashri: And so, 'I am sick', is called egoism (ahankar); 'I am well', is called egoism; 'I am a doctor', is called egoism. Then he'll say, 'I am a Shah', goodness! He calls himself a Shah, as though he has never stolen before. What is a Shah like? A Shah is someone who would never cheat on his books, and would never steal anything at all! That is how the world is. This is all egoism; it is egoism. This is not a characteristic of the Atma (the Soul; the Self). This entire world stands on egoism. How long will it go on standing like that? Until it attains the awareness of, 'Who am I', it will continue to exist this way.

From the very start, people will say, 'Hey! This here is Sheth (honourable title) Chandulal*'s son'; Chandulal* Sheth's son, so even the son will feel flattered. Then begins the entrapment! As this world brings you up, it will throw you in such a pit, that you can never climb out of it. So this world will always remain just as it is. It will stay like this forever, and as a rule, people will continue to go to moksha (liberation), from here.

*Chandubhai =  Whenever Dadashri uses the name 'Chandubhai' or the name of the person Dadashri is addressing, the reader should insert his or her name for exact understanding.

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