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Is kindness a form of Egoism?

Kindness is Egoistic Quality

Questioner: Is there egoism in pity (daya)?


Dadashri: Pity is an egoistic quality! All dualistic (dwandva) qualities are egotistic. All traits that are dualistic, are egoistic, even dwaita (dualism) is an egotistic quality, and adwaita (non-dualism) is also an egotistic quality. These people are all opening up 'shops' of adwaita and nothing comes out of it. That is because it is a dualistic quality: dualism and non-dualism. Therefore, if a person has kindness, he will also have predisposition to cruelty.

Questioner: Kindness (daya) and compassion (karuna); there's no place at all for kindness in that. The love is that of Lord Mahavir and the kindness is that of Lord Buddha

Dadashri: I am in that state; I am the embodiment of love (prem swaroop). I do not have any differences of opinion with anyone. Even if someone swears at me, I would have no difference of opinion.

Questioner: What would you call such intent? Would you call that compassion (karuna) or would you call it pity (daya)?

Dadashri: The stage of kindness has come to an end. Where there is kindness; there is also cruelty. They do not have that cruelty in them, the cruelty has left. Kindness has gone and compassion has arisen.

Questioner: Does egoism also play a part in compassion?

Dadashri: No, not egoism.

Questioner: Why is there a difference between love (prem) and compassion (karuna)?

Dadashri: Love (Prem) is a form that comes latter.

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