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How to remove Egoism and attain Moksha?

Go to Gnani !

Questioner:  Now, what should we do to reduce our egoism?

ego and moksha

Dadashri: Go to someone, whose ego is completely gone. Or else, if you want to increase your egoism, by joining a group of villains, your egoism will grow immensely.  A person is known by the company he keeps.

It is the egoism itself that binds karma, so if you remove the egoism, the binding of karma will come to a halt, and your worldly life will come to a halt. But how will your egoism stop, through someone who has egoism? Therefore, if you come to me, I will remove the egoism for you.

Ego reduced to nothing upon surrender to the Gnani

Questioner: In this Akram Path, does the egoism only leave if we surrender (samarpan) the egoism to the Gnani Purush?

Dadashri: That would be the secondary stage. But to whom does the one that becomes the first Gnani, surrender? For the Gnani Purush, it is through Gnan that the egoism disappears. Egoism disappears the moment the Gnan occurs. 'We' used to have a lot of egoism. Before 1958, there was a lot of egoism, but during the Gnan, the egoism was simultaneously all cleared out.

Now if you surrender everything right here, the egoism will leave. After this Gnan, even you will not have any depression or elevation. Even if someone berates you or throws you in jail, you will not suffer depression, and that is called vignan (spiritual science). This is a spiritual path.

Even if you went around naked (become monk, sadhu), for a hundred thousand years, illusory attachment (moha) for the worldly life (sansar) would never go away. The egoism is never likely to leave.  It is not likely to be 'fractured' (destroyed), the 'my-ness' is not likely to ever leave and deceit (maya), will never leave you alone. Even if there is one mango, one hides it in the night thinking, 'I'll eat it in the morning.' Even if one is living in the jungle, there is illusion (maya)! Therefore, this here is a complete "Lift-marg" (elevator or rapid path) that has come about! It is because of your merit karma (punya) that 'we' have met; it is a straightforward path! And so, all 'we' say is, 'Get your work done right here'.

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