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Why do people have Fear?

All human beings of this time cycle are considered as having no dependency or protection. The animals are regarded as having dependency but the humans have no one to depend on. Even if you find a person on whom you can depend, he himself has no one to depend on, so how can he help you? Let me explain to you what I mean by non-dependency:


A wealthy man, a priest and his dog set out on a journey. They come across a dense forest and in the forest they meet four robbers carrying guns and daggers. What effect does this event have on each of them? The wealthy man has fear of what will become of him if they take away his bundle of ten thousand rupees. He also has fear of what will happen to him if they kill him. The priest feels that he does not really have anything worth losing except his drinking pot but he is worried about who will take care of him if the robbers break his leg and if he becomes lame for life. The dog on the other hand will bark at the robbers and if one of them were to hit him, he will whine a few times and then with wide eyes watch his master being beaten. The dog does not worry about what is to become of him because he has dependency and the other two unfortunate ones do not  have any dependency. What does the Lord say? As long as you have not done the darshan of the Enlightened One, you are non-dependent. And darshan of an Enlightened One will make you dependent. The Enlightened One becomes the one you can depend on.

Once you are blessed with the realization of the Self from a Gnani, you will never have to worry about what will become of you under any external or internal circumstances.

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