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What is the science behind fear?


Some people do penance and some practice austerities. What is the need to see any fault in that? They are under the control of their vyavasthit. How does any of this concern you? You should not criticize or concern yourself with anyone's actions. Do you want to bind new karmic accounts with him? He does what feels right to him, your concern is only liberation for yourself, and you have nothing to do with anyone else. After all no one is at fault in this world. To me every living being is faultless; the pickpocket, the animals and insects - snakes, scorpions etc. You become fearful of those you see as being at fault. I never see them as such, because I know through Gnan why they are faultless. To see faults in anyone is an illusion. To see someone as good or bad, a thief or an honest person is an illusion. In your awareness you will see that all are faultless, and it is because of your flawed vision that you see faults in anyone. If you continue to see faults in others, understand that you are making a mistake in the way you see the world. It is an illusion that people appear to be at fault, because in reality everyone is faultless.

Reference: Book Name: The Flawless Vision (Page #138 - Last paragraph; Page #139 - First Paragraph)

If a man dislikes his wife, he will see many mistakes in her and will harp on her negative points. This constant fault-finding leads to scorn (tiraskar). The scorn leads to fear. He will experience fear in certain interactions with her and when he sees her, he feels a sense of suffocation and uneasiness. We all tend to be afraid of those or that which we dislike intensely. All this is a result of scorn. In order to break free from this feeling of contempt, one has to keep asking for forgiveness. Even though the other person may not be aware of it, you have to continue asking for forgiveness from within.

Reference: Book Name: Pratikraman (Page #173 - Last Paragraph; Page #174 - First Paragraph)

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