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When Are Karmas Not Bound ?

Questioner: When do karmas stop occuring?


Dadashri: It is when you have the experience of, "I am Pure Self." So when you become the pure Self, you will stop binding karmas. The discharge of karmas will continue until they are completely exhausted.

So how can we stop karmas from binding? Once you come into the nature of the Self, no new karma will bind. This happens when the Gnani Purush makes you aware of your own Pure Self. After that, new karmas do not bind and old karmas continue to discharge. When all the karmas have discharged, you will attain final liberation.

Now do you understand karma? Whenever you become the doer, you bind karma but once you are freed from that doership, you stop binding new karma. When I release you from the doership, you will stop binding new karmas and only the effects of the old karmas remain. These you will have to experience. No new causes will occur; only the effects will remain. And when all the effects have been completely experienced, you will attain final liberation.

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