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Does one have the choice to act ?


Dadashri: Do you ever find that you are forced to do something against your wishes? Does that happen or not?

Questioner: Yes, that does happen.

Dadashri: What is the reason for that? You do not wish to, yet you have no choice. It is the effect of karmas created in your past life.

People believe this effect to be the cause. They do not understand the previous life's effect at all. If anything done in this life were a cause, then why would you do something against your will? Furthermore, why would you say, "I did it," when you did not want to do it in the first place? Why do others say you did it, also? People call all visible actions to be the same as doing the karma. They will say, "I did a good deed today and so I created a good karma today." Whereas the Gnani Purush knows that all the visible acts of this life are an effect.

Questioner: Are we born of our own free will or are we sent here?

Dadashri: No one sends you here.It is your karma that takes you to a place where your rebirth is to take place.If your karmas are good, you will be born in a good place and if they are bad, you will be born in a bad place.

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