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What is the science of attraction and infatuation?

What can this be compared to? It is like the attraction between a magnet and a pin. If you move a magnet around a pin, the pin would move along with it. When we bring the magnet closer to the pin, the pin will stick to it. How does the infatuation and attraction in the pin arise? Similarly in this body too, because of the presence of the electrical body within, there is a property like that of a magnet. The electricity within gives rise to the body's magnetic property, so when the body encounters atoms compatible to its own, attraction occurs, whilst with others, there is no such attraction. This attraction is known as attachment and abhorrence. People will say, 'I am attracted'. If you do not wish it, then why is your body being pulled against your wishes? So who are 'you' in all this?

If you tell your body 'do not to go there', it will still get up and go. That is because the atoms within are being attracted. The body gets pulled away wherever there are compatible atoms. Otherwise why would our body be pulled when we do not wish for it to be? When people's bodies are pulled towards each other, they say they have too much attachment. But if you ask them whether they wish it, they will say that they do not, but even then they are pulled by their attraction. This then, is not attachment (raag), but the property of attraction. But until one has Gnan, one cannot call it an attraction, because one believes that he is the one who is being attracted. If one has this Gnan, when one is the Self, one would know that it is because of the attraction that the body gets pulled and that He does not do anything. He is simply the Knower. So when this body gets attracted, it is this body, which is involved in activity; it is all an attraction of the atoms. It has nothing to do with the Self.

Science of attraction and infatuation

The nature of the mind, body and speech is of attraction and repulsion, and the nature of the Self is not. The body becomes attracted; it is comparable to the force between a magnet and a pin. A magnet will not attract brass. It attracts only iron, so it only attracts atoms compatible to its own. Similarly the atoms in our body are like that of a magnet; they attract those of their own class. Atoms of similar properties are attracted. A woman will get along with an insane daughter-in-law but not with her own sane sister. That is because the atoms do not match.

That is why even towards one's son, there is only infatuation and attraction. Infatuation and attraction arises from the coming together of compatible atoms. If these atoms do not match exactly, then nothing will happen. So this is all scientific. Infatuation and attraction is the nature of the body. It is the nature of the atoms.

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