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What is the science of attraction between a man and woman?

What is Sexual Attraction?

The attraction between a man and woman occurs because there is an account of subatomic particles between the two. 


The attraction between a man and a woman is just like the attraction between a needle and a magnet. If there is a needle and a magnet, and if the magnet is turned then the needle would start moving, although there is no life in the two. Yet, because of the characteristic of the magnet, there is attraction between the two.

Similarly, when there are suitable atoms in the body, attraction occurs with that person. There is a magnet in the other. There is an electric body in the body. Just as the magnet attracts metal and not any other metals, the attraction occurs only between certain bodies. It is because of electricity that these atoms arise and are attracted. Just like the needle and the magnet, did anyone else get involved? Did we teach the needle to start jumping up and down in the vicinity of a magnet?

Therefore, this body is all a science. Everything occurs scientifically. 


Facts about why are we attracted to certain people:

  1. One does not get attracted to all men/women because attraction depends on the matching of parmanus (atoms). If the parmanus are not similar then there is no attraction. If they are similar then attraction occurs, even if he/she decides not to get attracted and as a result, they will be pulled towards each other.
  2. When the nature and the thinking of the opposite person is to our liking, then we get attracted to them.
  3. From a young age, we imagine what our ideal partner would look like, so when we see anyone who matches this ‘design’ then we instantly get attracted to him or her.
  4. There is a belief that there lies happiness in the company of a man / woman.

Why does the attraction remain? What is the science behind attraction?

Ignorance of the Self, coupled with the present worldly knowledge, gives rise to attachment and attraction. If you can visualize the entire life of this woman that you are attracted to, you will be free from the attachment and the attraction. If you visualize with understanding what she looked like in the womb, what she looked like when she was born, when she was a little baby, when she becomes very old, when paralysis occurs, when she is about to be cremated, you do not need to be taught renunciation. People have lost this vision of their worldly reality by what they see today. People have not done such an analysis and known the real nature of sexuality and therefore attraction still remains.

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