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What is the true nature of Speech?

Speech is inanimate. It is a record. Is the tape not previously recorded when the tape-recorder plays? In the same way, the tape of this speech has already been recorded. When the circumstances are right, it will begin to play just as a record begins to play the moment the stylus touches it.

You may have decided over and over to not say anything to your husband or your mother-in-law, but despite that you still end up saying something anyway? What made you say something although it was not your wish? Did your husband want to be yelled at? Then who or what makes you speak? It is a record that is playing and once the recording has already taken place, no one, absolutely no one, can change or alter it.

You may often decide to stand up to someone and speak up, but when you approach that person or find others around him, you do not say a word, but just turn away. Something holds you back from uttering a single word. Does that not happen? Now if speech were in your control, it would come out exactly as you would wish, but does that ever happen?

This science is so beautiful that it does not bind you in any way and it brings about a quick resolution. If you keep this science in your awareness and remember what Dada tells you about people's speech being prerecorded, then no matter what anyone says to you, even if your superiors are reprimanding you, it will not affect you. This should become firmly engraved within you.

You should realize that when a person talks too much, it is simply a record that is playing. If you keep this in mind, then you will not fall. Otherwise what happens when you become emotional?

'Speech is a record': A major key in solving your Gnan related problems. It is indeed, a record. So is there a problem in viewing speech this way from now on? These days instead of going around hitting others with clubs and sticks, people use the weapon of speech. Bombs are composed of words. Would they have problems if they conquered their speech? Speech is a record, which is why I have exposed its true nature to the world. My intention is to belittle speech and make it worthless in your eyes so that is why I tell you that it is a record. It does not matter to me what a person says, or how he says it. It has no value. I know that he does not have the capacity to say anything. He is simply a spinning top. And this here is the record talking. He is only a top and he is worth pitying.

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