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What is the impact of hurtful words?

When you pluck a string on a sitar, how many different sounds does it produce?

Questioner: Many.

Dadashri: Even when you pluck just one string? In the same way, so many other words arise within you from having spoken just one word. That is what God calls 'adhyavasan;' it means words arise even when you do not want to speak them. As soon as you have the desire to utter just one word, other words will formulate and be spoken automatically. A tremendous energy will arise within for the excessive words, even against your wish. So many such ripples of vibrations arise that they will not allow anyone to achieve liberation, which is why I have put forth this Akram Vignan. How wonderful this science of the step-less path to liberation is. This science is such that any intelligent person can bring an end to this worldly puzzle.

A person who hears you call him 'worthless' is bound to be hurt, but also the resulting consequences and its different phases will bring you a lot of unhappiness. When you say something positive about another person, you will feel peace within you and your spoken words will give peace to the other person also. Therefore, you must maintain awareness about this.

When you say, "He is worthless," the weight of the word 'worth' is one pound and the weight of the word 'worthless' is forty pounds. So when you use the word 'worth,' the vibrations it creates is considerably less and it will have a lesser impact, but when you use the word 'worthless,' it will create forty times the destruction. These are the consequences of spoken words.

Questioner: So the repayment is forty times greater.

Dadashri: There is no escaping it!

Questioner: So how can we stop the vibrations? What is the solution?

Dadashri: When you begin to feel 'This speech of mine is wrong', the changes will take place one day at a time.

When you call someone a liar, as soon as you utter the word 'liar', a tremendous degree of scientific change takes place within you, producing so many phases, which will cause you to dislike that person for two whole hours! It is best not to say anything, but if you do anyway, then you must do pratikraman.

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