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Will I not bind Karma if I lie? How to stop lying?

Questioner: Will I not bind karma if I lie?

Dadashri: Yes definitely! More than the actual lie, the intent to lie is what binds the karma. To tell a lie is really the fruit of your past karma, but it is the intent and the resolution to lie that binds the karmas. Do you understand this? Will this statement be helpful to you?

Questioner: So we should stop lying.

Dadashri: No, but you should let go of the intent to lie. If you happen to lie, you must repent and say to yourself, "What should I do? I should not tell a lie." The actual lying cannot be stopped, but your opinion about lying can be. Resolve that, 'From now on, I will not tell a lie. To tell a lie is a great sin. It causes great suffering and causes bondage (karmic)'. With such an opinion, the sins of your lying will cease and all that will remain will be the reactions of your intentions that were not stopped in your past life. The account will still be there and as a result you will be forced to tell a lie. You will have to repent for telling a lie. But even if you repent after you lie, you will still have to suffer the consequences of the fruit of your karma, i.e. the effect of the effect of karma: you will disgrace yourself in the eyes of others. People will be astonished and say, 'Huh! Chandulal, such a well-educated man like you has stooped so low as to lie.' So even if you repent, you will have to suffer the fruits of disgrace again. But if the causes were to be stopped from now on, then you will not suffer the consequences or the fruits of the fruit.

So what I am saying is that when you tell a lie, are you opposing that lie from within and telling yourself, 'This is wrong. Lying is wrong!' Then it can be said that it has been established that you do not like lying. If you do not have an opinion that it is acceptable to lie, then your responsibility will come to an end.

Questioner: But what does a person do when he has a habit of lying?

Dadashri: He will then have to develop a habit of doing pratikraman simultaneously. When he does the pratikraman, the responsibility becomes mine. So change your opinion! Telling a lie is the same as ending your life. You have to be of the opinion that lying is the same as destroying your life. You have to decide this. But also, do not get hung up on the truth either.

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