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Why there is Death?

Questioner: So why does death occur?


Dadashri: There are three batteries: the mind, speech and the body, at the time of a person's birth. These batteries begin to discharge, present their effect in the womb and continue to do so throughout life. The effect will finally come to an end with death. A person's karmic account is exhausted through these three batteries. When the effect of these batteries comes to an end, it is death. These batteries will last until death. However, as these batteries are discharging, new batteries for the coming life are being charged simultaneously. In this manner the charge (causes of karma) and discharge (effects of karma) continue to take place. The charging or causes take place because of the person's ignorance of his real Self. As long as his wrong belief, 'I am Chandulal' (Replace with your name) prevails, attachment and abhorrence continue to occur, giving rise to new causes. Once this wrong belief is replaced with the right belief, 'I am pure Soul'; attachment and abhorrence and consequently new causes cease to occur.

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