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Is Reincarnation Real?

Questioner:  Does the unliberated Soul return after death?

Dadashri:  Those who do not believe in reincarnation believe that it does not return. Therefore according to the foreigners it does not, according to the Moslems it does not, but for the rest of Indians, the Hindus, it does return. This is the result of the grace of your God that you believe in reincarnation. The moment you die, the Soul immediately enters another womb.


Now in fact, all Souls do return. The belief of the non-Hindus' belief is that once dead they do not return, but they do return. They do not understand this because they do not understand the process of reincarnation. You understand reincarnation.

When the body dies, it becomes lifeless and from that one can easily deduce that there was life within, which has now departed and gone elsewhere. Those who do not believe in reincarnation believe that the very life force (jiva) within was living and is now dead. We do not accept this. We are spiritually developed. It is because of this spiritual development that we believe in reincarnation. It is because of this that we understand the science of the Vitarag (the Omniscient) Lords. This science states that it is because of reincarnation that we all come together. Such is our belief and it is on the strength of this belief that we believe in the Soul. How can reincarnation be supported without the belief in the Soul?

Who is it that reincarnates? It is because there is the Soul that there is reincarnation. We witness the death of the body, which is burnt. So only the Soul can come and go in different forms.

When you understand the nature of the Soul, all puzzles are solved. It is however, hard to understand. That is why all the scriptures tell you to understand the Soul. Now without this knowledge, anything done is done in vain. It does not help. First realize the Soul, and then all puzzles will be solved.

Questioner: Who takes rebirth? Is it the Soul or the life force (jiva)?

Dadashri: No, nobody has to take it, it just happens. This whole universe functions automatically; everything just happens on its own.

Questioner: Yes, but who makes it happen? Is it done by the jiva (mortal entity) or the Soul?

Dadashri: No, the Soul has nothing to do with it. Everything happens because of the  jiva. This comprises of the Soul, the causal body and the electrical body. This entity that desires worldly happiness has the 'right' to enter the womb and when worldly happiness is not desired, it loses the right for a rebirth. 

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