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How to stop lying? How to repent?

Questioner: Are we binding karmas when we tell lies?


Dadashri: Of course! But more than telling a lie, it is the intent to tell a lie that binds more karma. Telling lies is the effect of your past karmas. The actual charging of karma occurs because of one's internal intent and resolve to tell lies. Will this knowledge help you?

Questioner: One should stop telling lies.

Dadashri: No. One should let go of the opinion that he should tell lies. If you lie, you must repent for it. When you do this, you may not stop lying, but at least your opinion supporting lies will cease.Repent for your lies by saying, "I am not going to lie from this day onwards. Lying is the greatest sin. Lying causes great pain. Telling lies will bind me. Please forgive me, Lord." Once your opinion changes, you will ultimately stop telling lies.

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