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How to repent for your sins?

repent for your sins

One has to learn pratikraman, whereas atikraman is learnt automatically. If one wants to hurt someone one does not need to go to school to learn that, one has already learnt that by observing others. Now if you do atikraman then you must do pratikraman. You don't have to do pratikraman in routine vyavahar worldly interaction. It is just that if you make fun of anyone or hurt anyone that is atikraman, so you have to do pratikraman for that.

Questioner: How does one do pratikraman?

Dadashri: If you have attained the Self, You will become aware of the Self within the other person. It is precisely the Self within that person that you must address. Otherwise, you can invoke the Lord and do the pratikraman by saying, "O Lord! I repent for my mistake. I ask for your forgiveness and resolve never to repeat it." That is all. If you make a mistake, you would know immediately, wouldn't you?

Questioner: Yes.

Dadashri: If you did pratikraman for that, it washes away.

Questioner: Does the sin really get washed away?

Dadashri: Yes, yes of course it will! After pratikraman, the fault will not remain. Even a massive karma will appear as though it were a burnt rope in the form of ashes, which crumble and disperse at the slightest touch.

Questioner: And how should I repent? Should it be done openly so that it is visible to others or from within, in my mind only?

Dadashri: In the mind only! You should remember Dadaji, apologize for your mistake, and resolve never to do it again. In doing this the pain will be erased and the mistake destroyed. If you fail to do this, your mistakes will accumulate. I have given you this weapon; this pratikraman is a big weapon. This is the one greatest weapon to fracture the bondages of entire world. The world is perpetuated due to atikraman and it dissolves through pratikraman. This is the thing. Atikraman means the fault is committed. You realized that, so you should 'shoot-at-sight' this fault. Shoot the fault the moment you see it.

Akram Vignan is the only path of its kind that allows you to see your own faults and shoot them as they appear, destroying them completely.

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