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How to get rid of addictions?


Questioner: I am addicted to smoking. What should I do?

Dadashri: Maintain from within, that this smoking is wrong. Furthermore never defend the act of smoking in any manner. If you do, it will only serve to reinforce and protect your habit. Admit that you have a weakness and that it is a bad habit. Only then will the time come that you will be able to break yourself of this addition. If you do not, then this addiction will stay with you forever.

I do pratikraman also. One must become free from all opinions held within. It is not acceptable to have an opinion of any kind.

By doing pratikraman one attains the ultimate thing. Technically pratikraman is required, but scientifically it is not necessary.

Questioner: How is it scientific?

Dadashri: Scientifically it is all a discharge. Everything that happens is an effect of past life causes. After this Gnan, you become completely separate from *Chandulal. So why then do you need to do pratikraman? The state of separation does not remain because of the lack of exact awareness of the separation.Pratikraman erases all opinions. If pratikraman is not done, all opinions that have become ingrained within you will not leave. By doing pratikraman, you are distancing yourself from these opinions.

The mind is composed and constructed through opinions.So, as many opinions you have, that much of a mind you will have.

I do not have any objection to your addiction, but you must do pratikraman for it. Confess to God that it is wrong for you to drink and that you are sincerely sorry for it and ask for the strength to not drink again. Do this much for your own sake.

People generally make matters worse by raising objections and criticizing the addict. All I have to say is that it does not matter how grave a mistake has been made, but you must do pratikraman for it.

*Chandulal =  Whenever Dadashri uses the name 'Chandulal' or the name of the person Dadashri is addressing, the reader should insert his or her name for exact understanding.

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