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Who is a Sati (chaste woman)? What is the true Sati definition?

Sati Definition

A sati is a woman who is so pure that she never has any thoughts of men other than her own husband. She does not get attracted to other men through mind, body and speech.


A chaste woman / Sati has these highest virtues:

  • Regardless of what may happen to her, whether her husband is by her side or not, or if her husband has run away, she would not run off with another man.
  • A sati would never even think about another man except her husband, even if her husband were to die immediately after marriage or if he were to run away. She would believe her husband to be the only man for her.
  • No matter who the other man is, even if God himself comes down as a man, she will still say no, "I have a husband, he is my Lord". This is called a sati. Satis consider their husbands as their Lord.
  • A woman who is unconditionally devoted to her husband, so much that she would voluntarily give up her life on her husband’s funeral pyre. 

How can a woman become a Sati?

  • One may not be a sati to begin with, but she too can become a sati, even if she has been corrupted by sex before, from the moment she makes a firm decision to be so.
  • When one reveres and worships satis.
  • If someone ever thinks or utters the name of a sati, one day they could become one. 

Benefits of being a Sati 

  • All the deceit of satis dissolves.
  • All the diseases get cured for a woman who is a sati.
  • By being a sati, everything is clear. All the women who became satis attained liberation directly. 
  • Such a one, who is chaste and maintains the highest integrity in thoughts, speech and action; gets an excellent fruit.

Can anyone be considered a Sati these days?

How can there be such satis in this Kaliyug (current time cycle of lack of unity in thoughts, speech and acts)? Even in Satyug (time cycle of truth and unity of thought, speech and acts) there were very few satis. So how can there be any in Kaliyug?

It is not the fault of women that they do not become a sati in this time cycle. Women are like goddesses. The Soul is the Soul, whether it be in form of a man or a woman, the only difference is of the packing, the physical body. Being a woman is an effect of a kind and this effect works on the Soul because of the presence of ignorance. With the knowledge of the Self, this effect of a woman does not work on the Soul. This is liberation.

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