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How to cease intent violence? What does intent-death mean?

Aarta-dhyana (internal worries) and  raudra-dhyana (thoughts or desire to hurt other people) is constantly occurring within human beings. These do not require any effort, they occur on their own and because they cause Self-violence, they are considered the greatest forms of violence in the world. Violence against insects and life-forms is called effect-violence. Which is better?


Questioner: Neither violence is good, but Self-violence is worse.

Dadashri: While all these people are cautious about physical violence (effect-violence), Self-violence is continually occurring within. The scriptures say that self-violence is really intent-violence. After acquiring this Gnan, your intent-violence ceases. That is why you experience so much inner peace.

Questioner: Krupaludev has called intent-violence (bhaav himsa), 'intent-death' (bhaav maran - death of the Self), has he not? Krupaludev had asked, "From moment to moment, why are you involved in such terrible intent-death?" Is there really intent death in every moment?

Dadashri: Yes, each and every moment dreadful intent death is occurring. What does he mean by this? Actually, intent death is taking place not from moment to moment, but continually in the smallest unit of time. He has given a gross description of the frequency of intent-death, which in reality occurs all the time. The belief 'I am *Chandulal', is intent-death. In any situation, to believe 'it is happening to me', is intent-death. People are immersed in this belief all the time. They say and believe that they are the ones who are fasting and meditating or practicing austerities.

Questioner: So instead of intent-death, how can we have intent-life?

Dadashri: Intent is not living; it is non-living. Intent-death is the same as intent-sleep (a state of unawareness of the Real Self.). In Akram Vignan there is no basis for intent (bhaav) and therefore there is no intent-death taking place, because intent has been separated from the Self. People in the kramic path are perpetually in a state of intent-death.

Krupaludev, being a Gnani Purush, was the only one who understood intent-death, and so he had to constantly be on the alert because he could see that everyone around him was in a state of intent-death.

What does intent-death mean? It signifies the death of the Self, and the birth of the non-self (the worldly self). In any event or situation, the sense of 'I am this or that' is the birth of the nonself and 'I am the observer of this event' is the birth of the Self.

Those who commit violence against the physical bodies may find redemption, but there is no hope for those who commit violence against the Self. No one ever explains the subtler facts, only the gross issues.

*Chandulal =  Whenever Dadashri uses the name 'Chandulal' or the name of the person Dadashri is addressing, the reader should insert his or her name for exact understanding.

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