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Does one become non-violent after attaining Self-Realization?

Dadashri: Now if moonlight illuminated the roads, would a person drive his car without turning on his headlights?

Questioner: Yes, he would.

Dadashri: And when he turns the lights on, he would see a myriad insects whirring around in the beam, bashing against the vehicle and being killed, but until then he was not aware of the insects being killed. With the lights turned on he is filled with the doubt that, 'I am being violent. I am killing insects.'

So many people do not have the 'light' at all, which is why they do not see the insects or question the fact that violence is taking place. People see by whatever 'light' they have. As the light increases, they will see that many insects are being killed. In the same way, as one's awareness increases, one is able to see more and more of one's own faults, otherwise one is oblivious to them. The Soul is the light. When it touches the life-forms, it does not harm them because it passes through them effortlessly. This is because the insects are gross and the Soul is extremely subtle. The Self is absolutely non-violent. If you were to remain as the Self, then you would also be absolutely non-violent. But if you become the owner of the physical body, then you enter the world of violence. When you have this realization, how can you be held liable for any violence? That is why after becoming the Pure Self, karma can never bind you.

Questioner: So then even after committing violence of life forms, karmas cannot bind us!

Dadashri: Violence cannot occur at all. When one become the Self, violence is impossible.

The person who attains Self-Realization is beyond all applicable laws. The laws of the world are applicable as long as one identifies with the body, and hence liable to bind karma. No law of any scripture, no karma of any kind, and no violence of any kind touches the one who is Self -Realized.

Questioner: What is the religion of ahimsa? Does it arise spontaneously?

Dadashri: No it does not arise spontaneously. Nonviolence is the nature of the Self, and violence is not. But nonviolence is not the innate property of the Self; it is not a quality that remains with the Soul forever. Like all other dualities it becomes evident in the one who has attained the Self.


It is extremely important that you understand all this. This is 'Akram Vignan', the science of all the Vitraags, the twenty-four Tirthankaras! Because you have not heard of it, you will ask if such a thing is really possible. If you have any doubts about its validity, then you will fail to accomplish your goal. Your goal will only be accomplished in the absence of doubts and questions.

The nature of the Self is so subtle that it can penetrate fire and yet be unaffected. So tell me how can any violence affect it? Violence affects those who identify with the physical body and believe that the physical body is their real Self. If violence affected the Soul, there would be no liberation for anyone. But everything is beautifully arranged for liberation. You may not understand this from where you stand, but when you attain Self-Realization, this entire science will open up to you!!

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