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Who created God? Where did God come from?

When we see this beautiful world around us, we often wonder, ‘Who must have created this world?’

who created god

We are told ‘God created this world!’

But, we have not seen God.

Therefore, we start imagining how God looks. One who has created this wonderful world, how wonderful would He Himself be?

And since we are human beings, we imagine God to be in the form of a human being.

As we get to see the world more and more, the meticulous and perfect design of this huge and magnanimous world enchants us, and we start imagining God to be some Supreme Being, the perfect being!

And when we see, hear and experience the unexpected and unusual things that happen around the world, things that cannot logically be explained or reasoned out, people call them the miracles of God; and we imagine God to be the most extra-ordinary, super-natural, divine being!

Over time, our imagination is converted into our beliefs, and going ahead they become strong, staunch beliefs, which we consider to be the truth.

But as we ponder further and think...

Who would have created this wonderful being called ‘God’? Where and how would he have been created?...

If God was born like we are, it means that the world was already in existence. Then how could He have created this world?

And say God was not born, then where did God come from?

If God was created, who created the one who created God, and who created the one who created the creator of God... soon, the never-ending list of questions starts bombarding our mind.

But if we eagerly and keenly pursue these questions, we will slowly come to the real facts!

We will start gathering the right understanding of who is God, who created God, who created this world, why is this world beautiful and cruel at the same time.

The enlightened One (Gnani) is a good starting point (and you will soon realize they are the terminating point as well) from where we can attempt this exercise, because He is the spiritual scientist who not only has a clear, precise and satisfactory explanation to all our queries, but also has the power to make us experience the real facts!

So, come let us get the real picture of God, who created Him; following the understanding of the Gnani.

Do you know there are six eternal elements that have always existed in the universe, namely:

  1. The Soul (chetan tattva),
  2. Matter (jada tattva),
  3. Space (aakash tattva),
  4. Time (kaal tattva),
  5. Element enabling motion (gatisahayak tattva),
  6. Element of inertia (sthiti sahayak tattva).

An eternal element means it has not been created and therefore it cannot be destroyed. It is not born nor does it ever die. None of these elements have a beginning or an ending.

The Soul is one of the 6 eternal elements. And that is what God is!

God is the Soul and it resides in every living being in the Universe. No one can create a Soul nor can anyone destroy it.

Therefore, God has not been created by anyone; no one has made Him. God has no origin, God itself is the original element. God is not dependent, God is self-existent. God has always existed. God is eternal. Only the body, in which God resides changes from one birth to another, just like when we dispose of an old coat and wear a new one. God Himself by His inherent nature, never undergoes any change.

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