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What is God?

You are in search of God. You want to know God. You want to know the function of God. You want to know the address of God, but most importantly, you want to be with God.

But, what is God?

Is God the creator of the universe? Or is He the ruler of the world?

Is He a Supreme Being? Or is He some kind of a moral authority?

Is God life? Or is God hope?

Is God love? Or is God truth?

what is god

What is God?

Countless books are written just to help people find the answer to the question, ‘What is God?’ However, by not getting complete clarity of the facts, a clear picture is never painted.

Today, your quest of ‘Knowing God’ has brought you here! So come, let us get some clarity on ‘What is God?’

What do you think - Is God a name or an adjective?

For most of us, the image of God has naturally developed in our mind from when we are young and is usually associated to the religion our family follows. As a result, we trust, accept and revere that Being as ‘God’.

For instance, let us take the example of someone who worships Lord Krishna:

  1. If he is a believer of Bal Krishna, then for him ‘the image of baby Krishna playing pranks’ is God, whom he knows by the name Bal Krishna;
  2. and to the believer of Radhe Krishna, ‘the image of Lord Krishna playing the flute besides Radha’ is the ultimate God by the name of Radhe Krishna; whereas
  3. for the devotee of Yogeshwar Krishna, ‘the image of Lord Krishna with a chakra in his hand’ starts floating before his eyes as that is what is God for him.

This same thought process holds true for the devotees of other Lords too.

All of those whose name we take as God, Lord Mahavir, Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Lord Shiva, etc. – were ordinary human beings who have become accepted and worshipped as God later on in Their lives. This means God is not a name, but a common adjective given to describe people who have exhausted all their karmas. They have lived such an ideal and exemplary life that even after hundreds of thousands of years, people still draw inspiration from Their life, even today.

While They were living, these great Beings did not create different religions, sects, or rituals to follow, nor did They refer to Themselves as God. They realized what is God and They explained it to the world. They realized God and made people realize God.

They taught the world that: ‘God is nothing but our true Self.’

God is neither the creator nor the ruler of the world. God is within each one of us in the form of a Pure Soul, in an indivisible form. Until you have the ignorance of ‘Who am I’ and out of that ignorance you believe ‘I am this body’, you are an ordinary living being; and as and when you realize that “I am not the body or the name given to the body; I am only a Pure Soul” then you yourself are God.

What does the Absolute God, the Pure Soul look like?

It cannot be seen, felt or understood by any of our five senses, It can only be experienced! It can be experienced because of Its inherent properties. The Soul has infinite properties and that is the very definition of what is God. So, 

  1. God is infinite Knowledge.
  2. God is infinite Vision
  3. God is the ultimate Truth.
  4. God is pure Love.
  5. God is unaffected by any pain or pleasure.
  6. God is infinite Bliss

The Soul of every living being is perfect in every way and is completely independent of the inner thoughts or outer actions of the living being within which it resides. Just as oil and water never mix, the Soul and the body it resides in, never mix. The reason why we are unaware of Its existence and cannot experience Its glorious properties is because it is covered by infinite veils of ignorance. 

These infinite veils of ignorance can be broken only after Self Realization. This is the moment when you stop binding new karmas and start to finish all your old karmas. When all these karmas are exhausted, the Pure Soul is completely uncovered and what remains is the Absolute God!

The title and status of God is given to such enlightened beings in whom the inherent properties of the Soul have become completely manifest. Thus, God is not a name, but an adjective that describes These enlightened beings.

We worship these enlightened beings as the Supreme God, for like them we too want to become one day!

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