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Is there any current Living God? Where is He? How does He help us?

Is there any current Living God?

Yes, there is!

But before we learn more about this amazing Living God, let us understand the term God with some more clarity...

Do you know that the Pure Soul is the eternal element present in you, and in every living being?

And God is nothing but the Pure Soul. In that sense every living being is a living God.

Although our Soul itself is absolutely pure; it is covered by layers and layers of karma which obscure and delude our vision. As one gets liberated from these karmas that are sitting over the Soul and causing the delusion, the properties of the Soul manifest. He attains the enlightened vision and becomes Omniscient (Keval Gnani). The world gives such a liberated person the epithet of God.

Simandhar Swami the Living God!

Simandhar Swami is the Living God, residing in ‘Mahavideh Kshetra’.

Lord Simandhar Swami, the fully Enlightened Pure Soul, is gifted with the extraordinary spiritual powers (siddhis) that are used exclusively for the spiritual elevation of all living beings. For miles and miles around the Lord, no one suffers from disease or unhappiness, nor is there any agony or fear in the minds of anyone. Celestial beings remain in His constant service. They erect a heavenly pavilion where humans, animals, celestial beings – all assemble to hear the Living Lord’s divine speech. The lion forgets his violence and the goat forgets her fear; both of them sit next to each other and lovingly listen to the preachings of the Lord - such is the outcome of the divine presence of Lord Simandhar Swami. Every living being - be it human, animal or bird, is able to understand the Lord’s divine speech in their respective language.

The Current Living God

Just the slightest discussion about this Lord awakens worship for Him in everyone’s heart. And this worship is never for obtaining any worldly gains nor for requesting Him to intervene in human events. People do darshan and pay obeisance to ‘this greatest being’ with the objective to renounce their weaknesses of anger, pride, deceit, greed and attachment and get liberated just like Him.

One’s sincere devotion for Simandhar Swami binds merit karmas of the highest order which can take us to Mahavideh Kshetra. If we have the statue of Simandhar Swami in our home, every time we see Him, we will worship Him with the intent to reach to Him and with His grace attain the Absolute stage of the Soul. The Lord is present for the liberation of all of mankind, our deep inner intent is the key!

As one’s devotion towards Lord Simandhar Swami increases, our connection with Him will continue to grow. Eventually this bond becomes so strong that one reaches the feet of the Lord in His next life.

And from the very moment we will set our eyes on Lord Simandhar Swami, there will be no end to the bliss we will experience. The world will become oblivious to us. It will be the ultimate end, when everything in the world loses its appeal and we will be totally immersed in the bliss of the Self. This is experienced by everyone and we will experience that too, because this is what the current Living God enables for all of those who are keen to attain salvation!

You can discover more about Lord Simandhar Swami, the current living God in Mahavideh Kshetra here.

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