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How to become a God

If we know what God is like, we will know how to become a God. 

how to become a god

So, let us try and understand God:

  1. God is One who knows the Self. The Self is nothing but the Pure Soul. God has the complete experiential knowledge of ‘I am Pure Soul.’ Therefore, He is never in the mistaken belief that ‘I am the body or the name’. 
  2. God has flawless vision, i.e. He can clearly see that no one is at fault in this world. Any suffering we experience is due to our own mistake only. 
  3. God has destroyed all His mistakes, and that is how He has become the Supreme Being.

Therefore, to become a living God:

1. The first step is to get the Knowledge of the Self.


The knowledge of the Self can only be acquired by meeting a Gnani Purush, the Self-Realized One. The Gnani Purush does not touch or disturb our worldly life at all. He only removes the root cause on which our worldly life is based i.e. the ignorance of Self; and enlightens us with the experiential knowledge of the Self, by giving us the answer to the question ‘Who am I? Thereafter we stop binding new karmas.

This is possible even today through the spiritual science of Akram Vignan, the stepless path to Self Realization. One can attain the knowledge of the Self (Atma Gnan) by meeting a living Atma Gnani and receiving Atma Gnan from Him.

When one receives the knowledge of one’s Real Self, his vision becomes flawless and, it is this new altered vision that makes one regard others’ flawless i.e. without faults.

2. The second step is when we see our own faults and we destroy them, we will become a living God.

Param Pujya Dadashri always said, “Who can see his own mistakes? It is the one who has the absolute vision of flawless conduct, even though his conduct is not flawless yet. That person is considered liberated.

So, in our next step to become God, whenever we hurt others through our thoughts, speech or actions, we will understand that it as our mistake and we will immediately ask for forgiveness for it, by doing pratikraman.

Pratikraman’ means to repent over our mistake and seek forgiveness for that mistake from the God (the Pure Soul) residing within the person whom we have hurt. Pratikraman is one of the greatest weapons for attaining peace and bliss.

How to do pratikraman:

With repentance in your heart, remember the God (the Pure Soul) residing in the other person and say in your mind:

  1. "Oh Pure Soul! I am sorry that I hurt you.
  2. For that, I ask for Your forgiveness.
  3. And I promise I shall not repeat this mistake again.”

By doing pratikraman, one layer of our mistake is shed. The same mistake will happen again even though we have done pratikraman, because every mistake has multiple layers. Once all the layers of a particular mistake are gone, then the mistake is completely destroyed.

To conclude:

  1. With the knowledge of the Self, we stop binding new karma, and
  2. By doing pratikraman for our mistakes, we begin to develop flawless conduct.

Thus, day by day, we start to become God. 

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