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Where does Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, reside? What are her Rules?

Lakshmiji is a Goddess, the Goddess of wealth.

The hunger for money and wealth is driving the entire world today. But what is the true cause behind earning money? If money was a result of hard work, then physical labourers should be the richest people on earth. But, they are not! Moreover, if money were earned through intelligence, then no Chartered Accountant or Engineer would be unemployed.


In reality, money is the result of our past merit karmas. In our previous lives, we bound merit karmas with whatever good deeds we did, whatever religion we followed and whatever charity we did. The result of which is a good inflow of money in our home, today.

However, if we want Goddess Lakshmi to continue residing in our home or we want to welcome Her into our home, then there are some things we have to take care of. We must ensure that we do not quarrel in our home, we do not hurt others, we harness a divine mind, remain sincere, honest, noble and generous in our worldly interactions. This will bind merit karmas and Goddess Lakshmi will surely reside in our home in the next life.

If you are facing financial difficulties, remain calm and face the difficult times with patience. Gain some understanding on why this situation has arisen and how do you can come out of it.

Goddess Lakshmi does not come by running after Her, nor does She come due to our hard work. It is not a direct output of our intelligence, nor is it an outcome of adopting any dishonest means. Remember that if we do not blame anyone for the situation we are in nor do we adopt any wrong practices, over time we will be able to overcome the difficult phase in our life with ease and by doing good deeds in this life we will also ensure good times for our future.

True worship is when we follow the rules laid down by the one whom we worship.

Do not make or take money dishonestly. How can Goddess Lakshmi be pleased with one who violates this rule? Any money earned through dishonest means is not the right way to acquire money. One feels, ‘I earned lots of money because I used wrong practices.’ But that is not the way. The money he earns today is a result of the good deeds he did in the past, but by getting desperate and unruly, he creates obstacles which will make him poor in his next life. Even in this life, wealth acquired through deceit makes one’s life very miserable.

It is like when there is very heavy rainfall we feel good. But when the water drains away? It leaves behind so much mud that we have to work really hard to wash off the residue and remove the stains to restore things to normal. Black money is like these floodwaters, so ‘tread with caution’.

Some grain vendors mix good quality grains with an inferior quality to enhance their profits, while some businessmen measure less quantity for the goods they have billed. Those who cheat and deceive others or covet other people's wealth are actually deceiving God.

The Goddess of wealth graces Her presence where there is no deceit or stealing through the mind, body and speech. Even if a man does not worship God or Goddess Lakshmi, as long as he is ethical, he will stand to gain. Ethics should be in the foundation of all our worldly interactions.

Never fail to show your respect for Goddess Lakshmi (money). Regarding money never say, ‘I have no need for money.’ Many sages or monks shun money, which is not good. Doing so, one binds such karma due to which he will have to face financial crisis for many lifetimes; he will not be able to even see money in his next life.

The more you remember money, the farther it goes away from you. Do not think about money all the time! During Satyug (Era of the time cycle that is characterized by unity in thoughts, speech, and action), a person gets whatever he wants the moment he thinks about it. Whereas the effect of Kaliyug (the current era that we are in) is such that the more one keeps remembering someone or something, the farther and farther it gets away from him.

Welcome Maa Lakshmi when she comes and bid her farewell when she leaves. While praying to Maa Lakshmi, say, “Lakshmi Mata, You are most welcome in this home, please come any time when convenient to you. This is your house, you may come and go as you please.” This is all you need to say to her.

Do not obstruct money if it comes your way and do not go digging for it if it does not. Money will come when it is destined to come to you and it will leave when it is time for it to leave.

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