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What is the meaning of Arihant ?

Who is called an Arihant?

  • The title of Arihant is given to the One who exists in a living form. The One who is not a Siddha and the One who possesses a body along with absolute knowledge is called Arihant.
  • The one who has conquered all the inner enemies of anger, pride, deceit, greed, attachment and abhorrence is called an Arihant, from the moment of total destruction of the inner enemies, to the state called keval gnan, until final liberation. They are called God in absolute form.
  • Only those who are currently present and living can be called 'Arihants'.


Introduction of Arihant Lord:

  • Arihant lord is the state before moksha. The level of His knowledge is the same as that of the siddha, but there is some bondage left for Him. For example, if two men are sentenced for sixty years in prison - one is sentenced on the 1st of January, and the other on the 3rd of January. The first man has been released since his term has been completed. The other man will be released after two days but essentially can he not be regarded as a free man? Such are their levels.
  • The state of the arihant is a very elevated state indeed. No one in the universe has such atoms. The highest quality of atoms are present only in the body of a tirthankara. What a body! What speech! What a manifest form! Everything about such a living being is absolutely unique and exquisite. There is no comparison, so do not compare Him to anyone! No one can be placed on the same level as a tirthankara! That is how great the manifest form of a tirthankara Lord is!
  • The Arihant remains Arihant only and gives ego-less speech accepted by all (Deshna).
  • If you recognize a real arihant as arihant, it will be to your great advantage. Otherwise all your effort will be in vain. Only the arihant can cure the diseases of this world.
  • The best benefactor is called Arihant. Arihant! They themselves conquered six enemies, show us the way to victory and bless us. So we kept them first. We consider Them as utmost benefactors.
  • Arihant is Simandhar Swami, if there are nineteen other Tirthankars, the current Tirthankar is called Arihant.

'Where is Arihant existing now?'

  • Simandhar Swami is in the universe. He is the Arihant today, so pay obeisances to Him.
  • He is still present. If one is an Arihant, only then it will give us the result. So if one says with this understanding that wherever the Arihant is present in the entire universe, I bow to Him with reverence, then it will yield wonderful results.

Let us get more information about Arihant Bhagwan, through the following conversation with Param Pujya Dadashri.

Questioner: Does the Arihant possess a physical body?

Dadashri: Yes, He possesses a physical body, without which He cannot be called an Arihant. They have a body (Dehdhari) and a name (Namdhari).

Questioner: Does the title of Arihant apply to the twenty-four Tirthankaras?

Dadashri: No. Only a Tirthankar who is currently living can be called an Arihant. Lord Mahavir has attained moksha. People say, "These are our twenty-four Tirthankaras" and then they recite, "Namo Arihantanam, Namo Siddhanam…", and if we ask them, 'are these two the same?' They say yes. Then if you ask them who is the Arihant, they will say that the twenty-four Tirthankaras are the Arihants. But really the twenty-four Tirthakars are all now called Siddha because they have already achieved liberation. Are you calling a Siddha an Arihant? Whom do you call an Arihant?

Questioner: The twenty-four Tirthankaras have become Siddha!

Dadashri: Then should you not question why they call the one who is Siddha, an Arihant? They belong to the second level i.e Siddhanam. This misunderstanding is precisely why there is so much confusion. Right now Lord Simandhar Swami is the Arihant. Do you know why I say that? Are all the twenty-four Tirthankaras, Arihants or Siddhas? Is their status that of Siddha or Arihant?

Questioner: At this moment they are in the Siddha Loka - the location of all liberated Souls.

Dadashri: Are they Siddha? Are you hundred percent sure of this?

Questioner: Yes, one hundred percent!

Dadashri: Then they fall in the category of Siddha. So then who is in the Arihant category? Arihant means they have to be currently living. People refer to the twenty-four Tirthankaras as Arihant, but if you think about it, they have actually acquired the state of Siddha. So when we say 'Namo Siddhanam' we are paying obeisances to them. But that leaves the category of the Arihant vacant. So the mantra of Namaskar remains incomplete, and by being incomplete, it does not give result. There has to be a living and present Tirthankar. The current living Tirthankar is Simandhar Swami; it is through His name that your work for liberation will have to be carried out, only then can the Namaskar mantra be complete. If a collector has been promoted to a Governor, would it not be disrespectful to continue addressing him as a collector?

Questioner: Yes it would.

Dadashri: In the same way if you believe the twenty-four Tirthankaras to be Arihants, then you are incurring a big loss. It is very detrimental. It does not harm them, as they are Vitarag lords, but it is very damaging for us.

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