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Who is a Sadhu?

Questioner: 'Namo Loye Savva Sahunam…'

Dadashri: Loye means loka (different worlds in the cosmos). This obeisance means that I bow to all the sadhus wherever they are in the universe. Who can you call a sadhu? Not the ones dressed in saffron or white attire but those who have known the Self and are proceeding in that direction only. This obeisance is not directed to the sadhus who have desire for a worldly life or any material gain. I bow to such sadhus who have no attachment to their body (dehadhyas).

The practice of yoga (union) is a worldly state. The state of Soul is a different thing altogether. There is a branch of yoga that focuses on the physical body, different body postures and asanas (positions). This is a union with the physical body (dehadhyas). Then there is yoga of the mind (mano yoga) where one tries to focus on the charkas- energy centers of the body. There is japa yoga - chanting of mantras, that is the yoga of speech. These three yogas are overt, worldly and transient and are distinct from Atma yoga, which is the union with the Self. The result of worldly yogas is material happiness and physical well being. Atma Yoga is considered the highest of all yogas. It leads to liberation and eternal bliss. Savva Sahunam means all those that practice Atma yoga. To such beings I do bow.


So who is a sadhu? The one who has attained the conviction (pratiti) of the Self is a sadhu. This is the first step in the path of liberation. The upaadhyayas have progressed further and the conviction is much stronger. and the acharyas have attained the Atma Gnan. The arihant Lord is the complete, absolute Self. These salutations (namaskars) have been ordained in this manner.

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