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What is Om/Aum?

Questioner: Is Om (or Aum) the abbreviated version of  the Navkar mantra?


Dadashri: Yes. If you recite it with understanding, then it is dharma dhyana - meditation that gives  worldly benefits.

Questioner: Would it suffice if we only say 'Om' instead of the Navkar mantra?

Dadashri: Yes, but only if it is said with understanding.People who recite the mantra are doing so in vain. There is no meaning behind them reciting the mantra. When the Navkar mantra is said correctly, only then will conflicts in a household diminish. Are there any households here right now where there is no conflict?

Questioner: Dada, the conflicts cannot be stopped.

Dadashri: They continue? If conflicts do not stop, then you have to realize that you are not reciting the Navkar mantra with the correct understanding.Recite this Navkar mantra and Om (all the Gods in the Navkar mantra collectively) will be happy. By merely (without understanding) saying Om, Om they will never be happy. So recite the Navkar mantra! This Navkar mantra is Om itself. Om is the abbreviation of the entire mantra. Om encompasses everything. It was created for the benefit of people. But without the correct understanding, people have made a mess of things.

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