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What are Vasudevas like?


What are these vasudevas like? They are so powerful that thousands of people can be moved to fear by mere look in their eyes. What is the indication of the cause (karmic) for becoming a vasudev? It is when a person can die from fear by merely looking into their eyes; such is the power they possess. These qualities are apparent in a vasudev-to-be many lifetimes ahead. When they walk, the earth would shake! Yes, the earth actually makes a noise when they walk, and this happens many lives ahead to them becoming a vasudev. The cause (karmic) of becoming a vasudev is very different. Their very presence causes chaos in the world. Talks of vasudev is a different matter altogether! One can tell a vasudev at the time of his birth. A vasudev to be can be recognized from many lives ahead because of his attributes. A tirthankar to be cannot be identified but vasudevas can. Their characteristics are entirely different altogether. The same goes for the prativasudev!

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